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Edited by Curtis Hayden
New DR X-ray System at
Mid Rogue Imaging
The latest update at the Mid Rogue Imaging Center (1619 NW Hawthorne Avenue) is that they have added a new FujiFilm DR X-ray system. This digital radiography equipment produces exceptional images and creates a more efficient workflow, allowing patients to be seen in less time. There is
also less radiation exposure and improved patient comfort. Mid Rogue Imaging Center was founded in 2001 by a group of local doctors “to provide low-cost, affordable imaging to area residents.” It is an independent testing center providing “a full range of diagnostic services using advanced technology in a comfortable outpatient setting.” The highly
trained and certified staff “are committed to providing you with the highest levels of patient comfort and physician satisfaction.”
In its mission statement, the Center notes that patients can “drastically reduce their out- of-pocket expense and contribute toward reducing the astronomical costs of medical imagining paid for by health insurers.”
Services in-
clude MRI and
MR Angiography,
CT Scan and CT
Angiography, Mid Rogue Imaging’s new FujiFilm digital radiography (DR) x-ray system delivers X-rays, Ultrasound, 75% less radiation compared to a conventional computer radiography (CR) system.
DXA Bone Densitometry, Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI), and Home Sleep Studies. Their Ultrasound technologist recently completed specialized training in joints, such as rotator cuff injuries, shoulders, elbow, knees, wrists, etc. This allows a diagnosis without radiation exposure to the patient.
According to their website, “Comfort and care are our top priorities. Our non-hospital environment is patient-friendly, and our professional staff is trained to address your needs and concerns with full respect for your time. Emergency cases are quickly accommodated and we offer same day scheduling for most studies.”
The Center takes pride in the quality of its images, and they have available 3-D Advanced Visualization using Vital Images® software for all CTA/MRA studies. “These images strengthen and enhance the physician’s ability to non-invasively visualize anatomy and pathology.” They also perform screenings for lung cancer using a low dose chest CT, and AAA ultrasound screenings. These tests are covered by Medicare and Medicare
Advantage plans without a co-pay.
Radiation exposure to patients is a top concern at the Center. The technologists tailor each patient’s examination by the type, area of interest, patient body habits, and appropriate use guidelines in order to reduce radiation exposure.
The Center accepts all insurance plans and provides special cash prices for uninsured patients or those with large deductibles.
For more information, 541-472-5154 or go to their website, And you can like them on
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