July 2013

Wholistic Healing at Mederi Centre

Mederi Centre

When it comes to healing, Donald "Donnie" Yance, the Founder and Lead Practitioner at Ashland's Mederi Centre for Natural Healing, prefers a wholistic approach. A tireless researcher and a compassionate practitioner, Donnie doesn't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach to healing.
"Everyone is unique and thus, every illness is unique," says Yance. "Using our Eclectic Triphasic™ Medical System (ETMS), we create personalized treatment plans focused on a whole-systems approach to patient care. As a therapeutic and diagnostic lens, the ETMS aids in the successful selection of the most appropriate, effective medicines, many of which are botanically based products that we have formulated."
Donnie first established the Centre for Natural Healing in Connecticut and moved to Ashland in 1999, where he met his wife Jennifer. They have worked collaboratively since then, and together founded Natura Health Products and the non-profit Mederi Foundation. The Centre for Natural Healing became a program of the Mederi Foundation in 2010.
The clinic has three health professionals on staff and is regarded as the epitome of excellence in wholistic cancer care and recovery, as well as in the care of chronic conditions. Dr. Mark Bricca, a Naturopathic Physi-cian from Portland, joined the care team in early 2012 to work alongside Donnie and Michael Altman, a Certified Nutritionist and Herbalist who has been at the clinic for 10 years. The care team has more than 35 years combined experience in botanical medicine and clinical nutrition. They work in concert with oncologists and other medical professionals to create a custom-tailored protocol for each patient that best supports their healing.
"By carefully evaluating each individual, their lifestyle, their genetics, and thoroughly analyzing their particular manifestation of an illness, we're able to create a healing protocol that combines the best of conventional and traditional medicine," says Donnie.
How successful is the ETMS approach? Although there are many testimonials of remarkable healings, Donnie gauges their success on the improved quality of life that his patients report.
"In the case of cancer, while we can't always eradicate the disease, it can be managed effectively as a chronic condition, in much the same way that hypertension or diabetes is managed. My intention is that people receive the full attention and guidance that they need in navigating a cancer diagnosis and creating an environment that best supports their healing journey."
A significant feature of the clinic is its dispensary, which stocks more than 200 single-extract botanicals, 40+ dried botanicals, and 60+ brands of nutritional supplements. Each product is researched and approved by the care team and dispensary manager and herbalist, Karen Wennlund, as the purest, highest-quality, and most effective in its class. The dispensary and compounding services are available to the general public, as well as other health care professionals.
For more information or a consultation appointment, call the Mederi Centre for Natural Healing at 541-488-3133, or go to mederifoundation.org. More information about Donnie can be found at his blog, DonnieYance.com. The Centre is located at 180 Clear Creek Drive in Ashland.

Join the Fun and Excitement of Stand Up Padddle Boarding

Northwest SUP & SurfThe latest craze among outdoor enthusiasts is Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). To meet the demand, a new store, Northwest SUP and Surf, has recently opened in the Tolman Creek Plaza, across from Rite-Aid.
The store sells SUP paddle boards and related accessories. Both owners—Matthew and Eric—are into outdoor sports and hiking.
"We are working with a few local shapers and hope to have locally made surf and paddle boards available soon," Eric said. "We carry beach clothing made by small West Coast companies. Our clothing inventory is limited right now but will expand and be ever-changing. We want to work with companies that are sustainable and local."
Matthew agreed. "We feel that it is important for companies to make the right decisions with their buying power," he said. "As surfers and paddle boarders, we must protect our water and environment, and it has to start with the manufacturing companies."
Both Eric and Mathew recognized the need for a SUP and Surf shop in the valley. With some SUP industry connections from Lake Tahoe and clothing makers in the valley, they decided to open Northwest SUP and Surf in hopes of spreading this new sport throughout Southern Oregon as well as providing the surfers in the valley with as place to get surf wax, board shorts and other surfing accessories.
"We will guide our customers who are new to SUP paddle boarding through the maze of information to the best quality gear we know of," Eric said. "We understand that a SUP purchase is not a small purchase, and we want you to be satisfied with what you get. There are a lot of SUP paddle boards being made, now that the industry is growing so rapidly. Some are made for surfing, others for fitness and, most importantly, SUPs made for flat water lakes. We hope to provide each customer a personal experience that will leave them as excited about the sport as we are."
SUP paddle board rentals, lessons and tours are available by reservation.
"Our tours are unique, and we invite everyone in the valley to come experience the lakes and rivers of Southern Oregon in a new way," Matthew said. "Our expert paddle guide will shuttle you to remote lakes and river access. We will guide you down serene rivers, across mountain lakes, and even through small rapids to give you a unique half day or full day excursion. Tours for all ability levels are available; all you need is a good attitude and an appetite for adventure. All tours include healthy snacks and/or lunches. Tours can even be topped off with wine tasting at some of the valley's best vineyards; your guide will safely shuttle you back to Ashland."
For more information, the phone number is 541-261-7625. The website is northwestsupandsurf.com.

Taking the Hassle Out of Shipping at Mail Stop

The Mail Stop AshlandMail Stop LLC, located at 1259 Siskiyou Boulevard (across from SOU), is a USPS and FedEx authorized ship center that has been serving southern Oregon residents since 1982.
The store was purchased in 2009 by David and Kinsy Dorner. David was in retail management for eight years in Atlanta, Georgia, and is currently the owner of Dorner Enterprise Inc., a FedEx Ground contractor. He and Kinsy moved to the Rogue Valley nine years ago to be closer to Kinsy's home.
"With FedEx, I manage southwest Medford, Jacksonville, Williams, Phoenix, Talent and Ashland," David said. "I have been contracting with FedEx for the last nine years."
In addition to being a USPS and FedEx authorized ship center, Mail Stop also has private mailboxes, public fax, and Western Union.
"We're a one-stop shop for all your shipping needs," David said. "We will make the mail and shipping world as convenient and efficient as possible with the utmost integrity. We eliminate all the hassles of shipping for the customer. We are also committed to serving you and your budget by offering great monthly specials, which you can see on our website at www.mailstopashland.com."
The Mail Stop is an independent, locally owned store. They carry a large selection of packing materials and are happy to take care of the packing to ensure the packages arrive at its destination safely.
For more info, call 531-488-1255.

Medical Marijuana Assistance at SOAM

Southern Oregon Alternative MedicineAt Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine (SOAM), located at 545 Lit Way, owner Ethan Felcher has been an advocate for cannabis for a long time.
"I have received profound pain relief benefits from medical marijuana and seen it provide great relief from severe suffering due to cancer, epilepsy, lupus and other severe and/or degenerative diseases," Ethan said. "Beyond even that, Cannabis Sativa offers one of the greatest opportunities for global sustainability in terms of fiber, oils, and fuels production. I am a very strong advocate for taking advantage of all the potential uses of cannabis, medical and otherwise."
Ethan started a sewing business 15 years ago making packs and bags out of hemp fiber. "I have been good friends with Brent Kenyon, the founder of SOAM, since I moved to southern Oregon 20 years ago," Ethan said. "He offered me the opportunity to become his partner a couple of years ago, and I opened a branch in Grants Pass. The main office has been in Medford for eleven years, and at the beginning of this year we opened one in Ashland."
SOAM offers a simple and efficient way for qualified patients to receive their OMMP card. They provide patients access to physicians and other health care providers who understand the benefits of medical marijuana and who are committed to helping patients receive the safest and most effective help for their problems.
"We offer patients the ability to generate the records needed to qualify for their OMMP card right in our office through our relationships with local doctors and health practitioners," Ethan said. "Our clients can expect a professional but relaxed atmosphere, where they will be guided through the process of getting their medical marijuana card in a straightforward manner. We strive to make the process comfortable and we maintain complete confidentiality for all of our clients." SOAM also offers chiropractic care and medical massage at their offices.
"By partnering with Keira Harrison of Inner Synergy, Yoga, Qi-gong, and other fitness related classes are offered at our office locations," Ethan said. "We will continue to expand our ability to offer clients these types of opportunities to create a naturally healthy lifestyle."
For more info, the phone number is 541-482-8386.

Paddington Station Celebrates 40 Years on July 13th

My how time flies. This year Paddington Station will be celebrating it's 40th Anniversary on Saturday, July 13, with a party behind the store. They will be closing off a section of the alley, also known as Will Dodge Way.
The party will start at noon and run until 3pm, and will feature live music, food, games, activities, savings and photos with Paddington Bear. All festivities are free to the public. Live music will be provided by Ray Holtz and "The Jazz Men." There will also be a "40 items for 40% off" sale running through the end of July. A timeline of Paddington Station's history will be available for viewing.

Changes at Box R Ranch

Things are a'changin' at Box R Ranch (out Highway 66 on the Greensprings between mile markers 22 and 23). Owners Don and Jean Rowlettt are retiring and handing the baton to their grandson Jesse Randall, whose daughters Jeanne Randall and Jennifer (Rowlett) Hawk will be assisting.
The ranch is transitioning to the full production of "direct to customer" all-natural grass-fed beef, plus pork, farm fresh eggs and all-natural heritage turkeys. Using an agricultural model of all natural ranching and farming, the natural cycles and forces of nature and the animals are used to create healthy and wholesome foods.
"We will work with nature at nature's pace," Jeanne said. "It will be pure, local and trusted food production for maximum health and nutrition."
For more information or to place an order, call 541-482-1873 or go to www.boxrrranch.com.