Capturing the Sun with STracker S1 Solar Energy

November 2017

STracker S1 Solar EnergySince the sun travels across the sky, it only makes sense that a solar power system should follow its direction to get maximum exposure.

That was Jeff Sharpe’s thinking when he designed the STracker S1 Solar Energy System. In techno-terms, the S1 is a “dual-axis solar tracking system sporting a 24 high power (72 cell) PV panel array atop a solid structural 20-foot tall pole.” Stated more simply, the STracker’s ingenious design allows it to move with the direction of the sun. That means it gets maximum sun exposure, and harvests more energy—as much as 40% more—than a fixed or rooftop solar energy system.
Jeff has spent his career developing better and more efficient energy systems. After earning degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara, he helped his father in 1976 open one of California’s longest lasting solar businesses, developing and installing the breadbox water heater systems still seen on many San Joaquin Valley roofs. For 30 years, Jeff has developed a number of successful engineering businesses and pioneered school efficiency and infrastructure upgrade programs.

He moved to Ashland in 2005 and started Sharpe Energy Solutions (SES) in 2007. SES became a contractor for the Oregon Department of Energy, worked for California’s Prop 39 program, and developed off-grid solar and small-hydro projects for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service in Northern California. Jeff has also been an active local partner, sponsoring senior projects, soccer coaching, and student mentoring at Ashland High School, as well as pro bono energy analysis and benchmarking and grant procurement for the Ashland School District. SES has performed pro bono wind studies and procured funding for variable speed lift motors to the Mt. Ashland Ski Area.

He started STracker, Inc., this year and in partnership with Oak Street Tank and Steel. “We’ve assembled a fabulous development and production crew,” says Jeff, and they are currently monitoring their first three STracker installations. “They are performing superbly. Production data is confirming a full 40% increase in energy production, even in the presence of this summer’s smoke.”

The S1 tracker is backed with minimum 10- to 25- year parts and labor warranties on all components. The company offers free site evaluations and consultations, as well as model visuals to show what the installation will look like at each site.
“We provide a lifetime of maintenance-free operation from an elegant solar harvester that was conceived, developed and built locally,” says Jeff.

For more information go to or call 541-631-3436. You can also like them on Facebook.