Get a Taste of the Islands at Aloha Grill

July 2017

Aloha GrillIf you’re looking for an island getaway but have neither time nor money for an actual trip, stop by the Aloha Grill at the corner of A and Fourth Streets.

Owners Lisa and Mike Walker have created an “island vibe” in their breezy outdoor restaurant, which is open all summer long. The couple lived in Kailua, Oahu, for years before moving to Ashland some 20 years ago. They brought with them a love of all things Hawaiian, particularly of the islands’ delicious foods, which they delight in creating for customers.

“We serve up generous portions of classic Hawaiian plates and Poke bowls with plenty of Aloha spirit,” says Mike. “When we started, we decided that we needed to stick to what we knew. As long-time Hawaii residents, we for sure knew how to cook Teriyaki chicken. From there we continued to expand our offerings as well as our locations.”

The couple started in 2010 with a food truck that traveled between California and Oregon. They then opened a space at the US Cellular Community Park in Medford. When the Ashland location in the Railroad District became available, they jumped at the opportunity.

“Our customers enjoy authentic, freshly-made Hawaiian food while taking in views of beautiful Ashland,” says Lisa. “One of our favorite compliments was when a customer told us we offered a more Hawaii-like experience than some places they had been to on the islands. Everyone has a Hawai’i connection and we love to swap stories with them.”

And, she says, “Because of our outdoor setting, we are happy to welcome dogs to join their owners while they eat.”

Aloha Grill is open for lunch and dinner and stays open later on some weekend evenings. Service is prompt and friendly, making it a perfect spot for a quick lunch break from work or running errands. Or if you’re looking for a more leisurely stop, in addition to savoring one of Aloha’s tasty plates or bowls, you can enjoy a freshly blended, real-fruit smoothie that Lisa guarantees “will transport you to Waikiki Beach—rum and umbrella not included.”

Mike and Lisa take special pride in the hard work of family and friends that has gone into creating Aloha Grill’s delicious food and relaxing atmosphere.

“This is a family business through and through,” says Mike. “All three of our keikis (kids) have put in many hours over the years, in addition to countless friends, family, and other Ohana.”

For more info, call 541-601-7493. You can also like them on Facebook and Instagram.