Get Ready to Garden at Ashland Greenhouses

March 2018

Ashland GreenhousesWhether you have a green thumb or are all thumbs in the garden, Ashland Greenhouses (located at 650 E. Ashland Lane, off Butler Creek Road on the other side of the Interstate) can inspire you to grow something beautiful.

“People visit us to get inspired,” said owner Kelly Brainard. “Coming here is a very enjoyable part of the gardening process. We all love that peaceful feeling when you first step into the greenhouse, breathe in deep, and take in all the sights and smells.”
Ashland Greenhouses has been around since 1906. In 2007, Kelly and her husband, Ben, bought the business from the Williams family and moved the greenhouses to their current location.

Both Kelly and Ben grew up in farming families. Ben pursued a degree in business management and works as a financial advisor. Kelly’s degree is in Agriculture. She taught Agriculture Science in Washington state, and Horticulture at Eagle Point High School for six years. She developed a partnership between the Agriculture program at Eagle Point High School and Ashland Greenhouses.

It was while working summers in a nursery during high school that Kelly discovered her love of horticulture. “The working environment at a nursery is very uplifting. I love seeing the changes each season. I’ll never get tired of the smell of the soil, or seeing a greenhouse freshly filled with young plants ready to grow.”

Ashland Greenhouses will be filled for the coming growing season with an enormous assortment of annuals, vegetables, perennials, herbs, color bowls, hanging baskets, poinsettias, and ornamental grasses, all of which have been chosen to do well in our climate, and all grown on-site in their 31 greenhouses.

“Our plants are meticulously chosen to best suit the special needs of our region,” says Kelly. “We take extra steps in our own special way of growing to ensure our plants are only the best.”

Kelly notes that the greenhouses are organized so that customers can easily find what they want. And, she points out, her experienced staff can answer pretty much any question a customer might have.

“Gary Slack, our production manager, has worked for Ashland Greenhouses for over 40 years; wholesale manager Marvin English, has worked with us for over 20 years; and Sarah Valdivia, our office manager, has worked here for over 10 years.”

The greenhouse also holds events and classes throughout the year. The first class of the season is March 15 at 10am, “Cool Season Annuals and Perennials.” All events are listed on the website; they are free but require registration.

For more info, call 541-482-2866 or go to You can also like them on Facebook.