Henry’s Laundromat Offers Wash & Fold

September 2017

Henrys Laundromat

The first thing Nicholas Baida did when he bought Henry’s Laundromat & Wash N Fold, located at 1656 Ashland Street in the Ashland Shopping Center, was hire a manager, Lisandra Miranda, to help turn things around. For Lisandra, it was a great opportunity to do something for the community.

“I moved to Ashland in 2016 with my husband and young daughter from Santa Cruz, and it was a perfect fit for us,” Lisandra said. “I was actually baking professionally for a year before I was approached about running the wash and fold service. When the chance came along to run and operate my own business, I took a leap of faith. Since April I have been working hard to spread the word about the service now available in town.”

Nicholas and Lisandra recognize that the whole idea of using a Laundromat has changed over the last ten years.

“Before, many people used a Laundromat because they did not have their own machines,” Lisandra said. “But even with those machines, it’s a dreaded task. The majority of adults work 40 hours a week, and laundry is hard to find time for. It can take quality time away from your family, and I feel that is exactly where we fit into the equation.”

Henry’s offers a drop-off service, and when the customer returns he or she finds all of the items washed, dried and neatly folded. The wash and fold is charged by weight, with a 10-pound or $15 minimum.

“Our customers try it once and instantly become hooked because it saves so much time and hassle for them,” Lisandra said. “Not only is it useful for families and working people, it’s also a valuable option for senior citizens. And we offer local pick-up and delivery for a small fee.”

For those still wanting to do their own laundry, Henry’s also provides state-of-the-art, coin-operated machines, all in a clean facility that has received some extensive upgrades, including a new wall made from 100% reclaimed wood. And while you’re waiting, you can take advantage of the free WiFi.

“Soon we are going to completely remodel our folding areas to provide even more space for our customers,” Lisandra said. “Through the remodel, we have actually regained many customers from years past. They come in awe of the changes and new welcoming vibe that was lost before Nick took over ownership.”

The Laundromat is open seven day a week from 7am to 10pm. On the second Saturday of each month, a local charity called Laundry Love gives quarters and soap to locals who are down on their luck. “It’s a great program run by lovely people,” Lisandra said.

For more info, you can call 541-841-0653 or visit them on Facebook.