Jackson WellSprings: Restoring Body and Spirit

March 2018

Jackson WellSpringsJust two miles north of dowtown Ashland on Highway 99 is a place long revered by Native tribes for its sacred healing powers. Today, everyone can experience the health-regenerative properties of the 30-acre Jackson WellSprings, renown for its naturally alkaline, artesian, non-chlorinated mineral hot spring waters that bubble up from deep within the earth and flow directly into the facility’s Olympic-size swimming pool, fill its soaking tubs, and work their magic in its steam and sauna rooms.

Originally called Jackson Hot Springs when it opened for business in 1922, the location had long been a ceremonial and birthing place for Native peoples. Over time, word spread of the water’s healing powers, attracting travelers from around the country. Gerry and Bev Lehrburger purchased the property in 1995, renaming it Wellsprings.

“Modern science confirms what First Nation tribes and early settlers intuited: the value of alkaline water in promoting health and vitality,” says Gerry, who moved to Southern Oregon in 1979 after completing medical studies at the University of Colorado Medical Center. Over his tenure Dr. Lehrburger has practiced Integrative Medicine, Botanical Medicine and Emergency Medicine, as well as studied Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda in Southeast Asia, before securing the WellSprings.

The Lehrburgers have grown the WellSprings into a center for healthy living that blends the benefits of hot water soaking, steam, sauna, massage, education, and music. Their partnership with the Health Research Institute and with SEEDS (Sustainable Eco-Economic Development Solutions) has giving rise to edible and medicinal landscapes, a garden internship program, and the seed-to-skillet Springs Garden Café, where Bev’s channels her passion into daily specials and delectable treats.

WellSprings also features a day spa with facials and massage; a community center with weekly personal growth classes; an event and retreat center; and an RV park with camping, teepees and glamping (glamour camping).

Gerry and Bev are proud of the WellSprings staff of farmers, permaculturists, students, artists, designers, and builders. “Our team has been working diligently over the years to improve Wellsprings’ infrastructure and make our services available to more people,” says Bev.
Every year increasing numbers of people and languages are attracted to Wellsprings’ health restorative services, beautiful outdoor setting, healthy food, and lifestyle. But there’s one thing that remains Wellsprings’ grandest attraction.

“It’s the water,” says Gerry.

More information about daily classes, events and workshops can be found at jacksonwellsprings.com. And you can like them on Facebook. For more info, call 541-482-3776.