Quality Comes First at Ashland Recycled Furniture

July 2017

Ashland Recycled FurnitureMany things are lovelier the second—or third, or fourth—time around. Those who frequent Ashland Recycled Furniture at 258 A Street have long known this and have made the store their go-to spot for beautiful, well-loved and gently used items for their homes.

Recently purchased by Judi Honoré, who owned Shakespeare Books and Antiques on Main Street until it closed last year, Ashland Recycled Furniture has been in business for nearly 20 years.
Judi attributes much of the store’s success to its staff: manager Donna Jean Morris, Susan Salas, and Jenny Buchanan, who she describes as “amazing employees who are so customer oriented.”

Ashland Recycled Furniture works on consignments and sells only quality items in exceptional condition, with no chips, glued pieces, stains, tears, or rips. Consignments are accepted every day; the store is open seven days a week.

“We want customers to arrive home with a piece of furniture that they will cherish for years to come,” says Judi.

Due to the store’s insistence on exceptional quality and reasonable pricing, many items come in and are sold the same day. Items that don’t sell within two weeks are reduced in price by 20 percent. Nothing is kept longer than 60 days. “The owner can choose to pick it up, or we will donate it to a charity of their choice,” says Judi. “I believe that is one reason why our store is so successful.”

Customers with items too large to transport can provide a photo of the piece for evaluation. And there is a moving team for large and heavy items. “We are pleased to have Bill Brown, who knows furniture, as part of our moving team,” Judi says.

Located across from Ashland Hardware and near the Ashland Food Co-op, Ashland Recycled Furniture is what Judi terms “a community store.” Dog treats are handed out to customers’ best friends, and young children who visit the store receive free books, a reflection of Judi’s background in literature and education and her special love of sharing books.

Judi is proud of how the store has evolved under her direction. “It has been a pleasure to watch the business change into what I feel is now something very special,” she said.
And in the spirit of recycling things of quality, she also plans eventually to re-open Shakespeare Books and Antiques. “The store is currently housed in two giant storage lockers,” she said. “Hopefully, it will be open again to the public within a year or two.”

The phone number is 541-482-7585 and you can follow them on Facebook.