They’re All Smiles at Mayo Denture Clinic

December 2017

Mayo Denture ClinicIf troublesome teeth are getting in the way of your confidence, Chris and Kevin Mayo of Mayo Denture Center Ashland (993 Siskiyou, Suite 1) can help.

“Feeling good about your teeth and your smile is an instant confidence booster,” says Chris. “And we genuinely enjoy creating smiles.”

The two U.S. Army veterans take pride in making top-quality dental health services accessible and affordable for their customers. “We believe in providing comprehensive treatment and skilled dental services that address both your short and long-term dental care needs in an honest, judgment-free environment where it all comes down to great care,” says Kevin. “Quality and service are the two most important things we offer our customers.”

Chris and Kevin moved to Ashland from Brookings in July, and opened the Mayo Denture Center in Ashland on August 1. Their family owns and operates Mayo Denture Center in Brookings. Both Chris and Kevin are third generation denturists who learned the art of making and fitting dentures and dental appliances from an early age. They approach their work with skill and creativity, and the results speak for themselves.

“At Mayo Denture Center Ashland, you will not find ‘economy’ or lower quality products or services,” says Kevin. “We utilize only high end materials and go the extra mile clinically to ensure patient satisfaction with aesthetics, fit, and function. We offer a totally custom experience, focused on ensuring our patients are getting the best treatment possible.”

That treatment includes replacement options for missing teeth that range from “flippers” (acrylic partial dentures), to metal framework partials, to complete dentures. In addition to tooth replacement, they offer teeth whitening services, night guards, and reline and repair services for dental appliances. All appliances are created by professionals in their on-site dental laboratory.

“We take care of the entire fabrication process and deliver the completed custom appliances ourselves,” says Chris.
Patients can expect custom services specifically designed around their individual needs. “Each appointment is an important step in the process, and our attention to detail is what sets us apart,” notes Kevin. He adds that the Denture Center has recently started accepting Oregon Health Plan (OHP) insurance.

So if concerns about your teeth are getting in the way of your smile, let the experts at Mayo Denture Center Ashland work their magic. “We love helping people get their smiles back,” says Kevin. “We hope Mayo Denture Center Ashland will be everyone’s first choice for a better smile.”

For more info or to schedule an appointment, call (541)-708-6776. You can also visit them at and on Facebook.