A Family Affair at Erickson Dental Care

August 2017

Erickson Dental CareAt Erickson Dental Care (1224 NE 7th), it’s truly a family affair. Dr. Mart Erickson began the practice in 1979 along with his wife Linn, a dental hygienist. Their son Sten graduated from Grants Pass High School and went on to OSU, then met his wife Rachel at dental school. They moved back to Grants Pass after graduation to join Mart in the practice and start a family together.

“Both of my brothers are dentists and practice in Southern Oregon as well,” Sten said. “There are a total of six dentists and one hygienist in our immediate family with over 120 years of combined experienced. We love giving people beautiful smiles; this is the reason we got into dentistry.”

Erickson Dental Care offers all aspects of dentistry under one roof, from dental implants and crowns to veneers, dentures, root canals, bridges, whitening, braces, fillings, extractions, gum and bone grafting, cleanings, periodontal treatment, and exams.

“We also use 3-D cone beam imaging to evaluate teeth in all three dimensions instead of the traditional 2-D x-rays,” Sten said. “Sedation is available for all types of treatments to make sure that our patients are as comfortable as possible. Many of our patients travel from well over two hours away to receive care in our office, and some even fly in from out of state.”

Cutting-edge technology is used in all of their procedures to produce the best results. Another new development is the use of the healing factors in a person’s own blood to assist in healing after extractions and for dental implants.

“Patients can expect the very best in quality of dentistry and in comfort during the procedure,” Sten said. “We take every measure to ensure that patients receive long-lasting, beautiful dental work.”

The office also provides full-arch restorations when someone’s teeth are not working well for them. Using implants, an entire new set of teeth is placed and fixed in the mouth so that they do not need to be removed.

“Using all of the new technology, we can assess people’s mouths like never before,” Sten said. “We can plan out surgeries and visualize important structures like nerves, sinuses, and pathology around the teeth.”

For more info or to schedule an appointment, call 541-476-3419 or visit www.ericksondentalcare.com. You can also like them on Facebook.