Buying and Selling at Rogue Oregon Auctioneers

June 2017

Rogue Oregon AuctioneersSix years ago a friend asked Timari Davis to work at a weekend auction. “I didn’t know anything,” she admits. “But the first time I stepped onto the auction floor, I knew it was what I wanted to do.”

Since then, she has never left “the floor.” She did, however, have a lot to learn. During her apprenticeship she worked as a clerk, helped set up auctions in the field, and worked with the crews on in-house sales…did everything she could to learn the business.

In 2014 Timari attended the World Wide Auction School in Denver where she learned the history and business aspects of auctioneering and perfected her chant (the rhythmic repetition of numbers, or bid calling). After four years of hard work, and a steep learning curve, she fulfilled the dream of owning her own business. In July of 2015 she bought the auction house of legendary local auctioneer Wayne Liska, and Rogue Oregon Auctioneers was born.

In addition to estate and consignment sales, her auction house can sell just about anything. She is licensed to auction off guns, real estate, autos, and is a Contract Auctioneer for the State of Oregon. They conduct the Oregon State Deposit Box Auction, “drawing bidders from coast to coast.” When asked if there is anything she wouldn’t sell, she said “I haven’t come across it yet!”
Interestingly, only 7% of the auctioneers in the country are female and just 1% are fully qualified. She is the lone fully qualified female auctioneer in our valley.

Timari has learned that an auction may not be the best choice for everyone. “Each situation is unique,” she says. When it is best for a client and depending on whether the merchandise is brought to her or the staff has to fetch it, she makes the best deal she can for the seller.
Often the auction is conducted at the customer’s location, but just as often the sale is held in-house. A sale date is selected, and a time set to preview the inventory. It is typically the Friday before the auction.

When the sale date arrives, potential bidders are pre-approved and issued a bidding number.
Bidding is an adventure. After attending several Rogue Oregon Auctions, I can testify that each bidder has a unique style. One can practice the “Never be the first bidder” strategy practiced by some, or the “I’m scared to death to make any bid for fear I’ll get caught up in the emotion of the moment and pay too much” strategy originally practiced by yours truly.

My bidding technique has evolved somewhat since those newbie days. It’s a work in progress. So far I have paid too much for an item, bought another at market value, and gotten a steal on a third. Not bad on balance! Recently I’ve learned to control my emotions and wait patiently for the item I want.

It is fascinating to watch people bid and to see what they pay. Timari observes, “People love to negotiate, to be part of the decision to buy or not buy at an established price. The market value of an item is determined right in front of them when the item is sold.” Just remember, she laughed, “Buyers are liars and sellers are too.”

One customer thanked Timari for keeping her in the bidding and giving her the courage to continue. She really wanted an item and admitted she would have been upset if she left without it.

Timari had no idea something was burning inside her until she stepped onto the auction floor. Her friend Jason Allemand, who asked her to help out six years ago, ignited a spark that changed her life. She loves the auction business and her auctions are like spending time with family. In fact, her daughter Megan Pratt is the Chief Financial Officer, and her son Aaron Davis is a Pro Ringman. Destiny Poythress oversees graphic design and is a photographer, Jason Allemand is an auctioneer, Randy Dodge is also an auctioneer and head “storyteller,” Josh and Kevin Barry are auction crew and field staff.Rogue Oregon Auctioneers has five sales scheduled in the next four months. The business is located on 6th street across from “the triangle.” Head south over the bridge, go past Park Street, and look for her sign on the right side of the street. The phone number is 541-471-0916, or Google Rogue Oregon Auctioneers. Auctions are fun. Give it a try! Be a buyer or a seller.