Final Resting Place at Hillcrest Memorial Park

July 2017

Hillcrest Memorial ParkOne of the most beautiful 35-acre parcels in Grants Pass is Hillcrest Memorial Park, located at 945 N.E. Hillcrest Drive, between 9th and 10th Streets. The Park, which started in 1933, is a nonprofit, endowment care cemetery, and less than half of the property is developed to date.

It is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees “whose members are part of the local community, committed to seeing Hillcrest Memorial Park as the premier cemetery in Southern Oregon.”

Each staff member of Hillcrest Memorial Park is dedicated to serving each family. Beverly Brooks has 20 years experience working as a prearrangement counselor and has been at the Park for almost 15 years. Anyone who has worked with Beverly can attest to her caring and compassionate nature. Nancy Tapio is a licensed Funeral Service Practitioner in the State of Oregon and worked at a local funeral home for over ten years prior to becoming the manager at Hillcrest two and a half years ago. Craig Murphy, the Grounds Foreman, has given Hillcrest his dedicated service for over eight years, and Cleo Whisenant has also worked extremely hard for the last three years keeping the park in excellent condition.

“Anyone purchasing a grave, niche or crypt becomes an owner and is entitled to vote for the Board of Trustees at the Annual Membership meeting that takes place in February each year,” Nancy said. “Also, each time a grave, niche or crypt is sold, a portion of the sale proceeds is placed in an irrevocable endowment care trust fund. The cemetery is entitled to receive the net income from the trust, leaving the principal to grow each year, which means there will perpetually be funds available to maintain the beauty of the park, even after the last grave space, niche and crypt have been sold.”

In 2015, the cremation rate in Oregon was 74%. So, in addition to traditional burial services, Hillcrest offers various options for cremated remains, as well. Even if a family has scattered their loved one’s remains but still wants a place to memorialize them, Hillcrest offers a memorial wall where a plaque with a laser engraved picture of their loved one can be placed. A section of Hillcrest is also dedicated to accommodate those wishing to have a green burial.

Veterans’ sections are also available for both traditional burial and inurnment of cremated remains. Special discounts are available for both the veteran and their spouse.

“Whether you are looking for cremation options or traditional burial, Hillcrest Memorial Park offers 24-month payment plans with 0% interest on prearrangements,” Beverly and Nancy said. “We consider it an honor to serve you and your family. Call us at 541-476-2310 for an appointment to discuss your needs and options.”