Spiritual Growth with Guy Finley

June 2017

Guy FinleyThe Life of Learning Foundation will host its annual “Talks in the Pines Retreat” June 21-25 at 459 Galice Road in Merlin. Foundation founder and director Guy Finley, best-selling author of The Fear of Letting Go and The Intimate Enemy, will lead visitors through a series of talks and meditation sessions. The retreat will also feature break-out discussion groups, music by the Life of Learning Choir with music director Doug Norby, a picnic by the river, and a Saturday banquet.

Finley’s career in spiritual awakening goes back to childhood. “I had a series of powerful spiritual experiences as a child that led me down a lifelong path of seeking esoteric truth,” he said. “I became an ordained minister in 1986. Before the founder of the Wisdom School that I attended passed away, he instructed me to set out on my own, to do as he had done. And so I established Life of Learning, a non-denominational Christian church where people of all faiths can dive deep into their spiritual lives.”

Many of Finley’s early years were spent as a professional songwriter and composer, working with such luminaries as Neil Diamond, Diana Ross, Debbie Boone, Frankie Valli, the Jackson Five, and a host of others.

Today, Finley holds open classes four days each week, where he speaks about a wide range of topics, including relationships, success, addiction, stress, peace, happiness, and inner freedom.
“What makes the Foundation different from other churches is that students are invited to explore their own experiences by practicing what they learn in their own lives on a daily basis,” Guy said. “We focus on practical wisdom, not intellectual or moral concepts. Students are welcome to share in class what they learn about themselves by doing these exercises. It is an interactive experience unlike any spiritual school or church one has ever seen.”

Finley is the author of over 40 books and CD/DVD products. All of the titles are offered in the bookstore and at their website.

The Foundation is located on 14 acres of land with old-growth sugar pines, as well as organic gardens and orchards tended to by Foundation volunteers. There is an active music program, including choirs and ensembles directed by Doug Norby.

For more information on the Foundation and the June retreat, call 541-476-1200, or go to guyfinley.org. You can also like them on Facebook.