The “Three J’s” Invite You to J’s Bistro

February 2018

Js BistroJust a short walk off the beaten path in Ashland you’ll find J’s Bistro, a little gem of a restaurant recently opened by Jeff Lindow and John Bartow.

J’s Bistro opened its doors at 258 A Street this past November in the space that used to be the Playwright Public House. John is the principal chef, while Jeff is host, bartender and head server. And there’s a third J: Joe, Josef Banuelos, also a head chef, who helps keep the “back of the house” running smoothly.

All three have lived in the Rogue Valley all their lives, and have spent a significant portion of those lives as friends and business partners. John and Jeff have been life and business partners for 28 years.

“Most of what we offer at J’s has been developed over our 28-plus years in the restaurant business in the Rogue Valley,” says John. All three of the Js have spent their careers operating successful restaurants in Medford; Florence, Oregon; and Ashland. Most recently they owned and operated the popular and successful Pomodori Restaurant and Wine Bar on East Main in Medford. After selling Pomodori in 2016, they operated a catering business, Dancing Cats Catering and Wines, until opening J’s Bistro last November.

The three call J’s their “retirement” project. “We wanted to find a nice small local spot to run for a few more years,” says Jeff. “That’s why we are only open the hours we are open.”

The restaurant is open for lunch from Tuesday through Friday between 11 am and 2 pm, and Tue-Fri for dinner 5-8pm. Be sure to check their website ( for specifics on their dinner events and hours.

Whether you stop by J’s for lunch or dinner, you won’t go home hungry. “We love good food served in good-sized portions, and that’s what we create for our customers—reasonable prices, large portions and great food,” says Josef.
Adds Jeff: “You’ll find touches of Italy, Mexico and Thailand in our dishes. And of course there’s just our good old ‘home cooking’ like your mom or grandma made. We have amazing sandwiches, huge salads with all home-made dressings, and great pasta dishes.”

They also boast an impressive list of local wines. In addition to five varietals under their own label, Dancing Cats, J’s carries an array of other local wines and frequently offers special wine pairing dinners, which are open to the public. Calling for reservations is suggested due to the small space.

And to make a great dining experience even better, says John, “We bring great local music to our customers every Friday night from 6 to 8 pm.”

For more info, call 541-488-6982 or visit their website or Facebook page.
—Mary Silva