Appliance Repair and New Machines at Just-In Time

January 2018

Just In TimeWe recently had our clothes dryer fixed, and the guy found about $9 in coins that were gumming up the system. Thus, when Justin Duby, owner of Just-In Time Appliance Center, told me about working for his grandfather back in the day and finding money in the dryers, I was not surprised.

“My grandfather owned T&N Appliance on Rogue River Highway, and it’s been in the family for 35 years,” Justin said. “I pretty much grew up in the business and remember as a kid just wanting to spend time with my grandpa in the shop. He would always tear apart the dryers to clean and recondition them, and he told me if I vacuumed out the lint from the dryer, I could keep all the money I found. You would be surprised how much money you find in dryers. I also spent a lot of time in the shop with my grandmother.”

By the time Justin was in high school, he took a “work experience” class which let him leave school early and work with his grandfather.

“That really jumpstarted my whole career,” he said. “I started working full time the day after graduation and have looked back.”

After eight years, Justin’s grandfather decided to slow down due to health problems, and within two years Justin had “inherited” the business.

“For two years my wife and co-owner Stephanie worked from our in-home office, and I traveled to customers’ homes to repair their appliances on site,” he said. “That’s when we changed the name to Just-in Time Appliance Repair. We quickly began to grow, and due to word-of-mouth and a great online reputation, we now have three appliance technicians in the field.”

Justin and Stephanie also decided to branch out further by opening a new appliance store at 405 NE F Street. They also sell reconditioned appliances and parts at the store at 1550 Rogue River Highway. And in a “circle of life” Kodak moment, his grandfather helps out at the shop.

“We truly are a family owned and operated business,” Justin said. “Really, all my family helps when we need it.”
Exceptions would be Justin and Stephanie’s two sons, aged five months and two years old, but don’t be surprised to see them vacuuming coins out of the lint trap real soon.

“Our number one goal is to make sure our customers get the amazing customer service they deserve and also to receive the best repairs from our highly trained technicians in the field,” Justin said. “We also offer dryer vent cleaning. People don’t realize how important it is to keep their vents cleaned. The ventilation system is almost more important than the dryer itself. A clogged vent can also be a fire hazard. We recommend routine maintenance on your dryer vent to boost efficiency and safety.”

For appliance repair, call 541-500-0207. You can call the new appliance store at 541-295-8463 or visit them at 405 NE F from 9-5:30 Mon-Fri and 10-4 Saturday.

You can also see them at and on Facebook.