Eco-Friendly Childrens’ Clothes and Toys at Eco Tots

May 2017

Eco TotsNow that I have three grandkids under the age of five, I’ve suddenly had a renewed interest in hide-and-seek, animated movies, and stores carrying children-related stuff. And in that regard, the selection at Eco Tots (131 SW G Street), which was bought last November by Eli and Miranda Gunter, is right up my alley.

Eli and Miranda have both worked in the retail world before. Eli, who was born and raised in Grants Pass, is part owner of a local insurance agency, while Miranda, who was raised in Oakridge, was a stay-at-home mom. Miranda moved to Grants Pass six years ago after they got married.

“When the opportunity arose to purchase Eco Tots, we both felt like this was something we could really make our own and build up,” Miranda said. “We also love being part of the community of business owners downtown.”
Eco Tots is an earth-friendly children’s boutique with items ranging from cloth and bamboo diapers, to nursing tanks for moms, lots of wooden toys, water bottles, glass baby bottles, moccasins, sandals, organic clothing, organic swaddles, teething toys and necklaces, and much more.

The accent at Eco Tots is organic.

“We had been slowly changing our lifestyle to more eco-friendly and organic after our first daughter was born four years ago,” Miranda said. “We now have two little girls and a boy on the way. We love kids, and at Eco Tots, we have a table full of toys for your children to play with while you shop. We are also a nursing mother friendly store.”

For more information, the phone number is 541-660-3331, and you can also like them on Facebook.