Personalized Treatments at Axis Health

February 2018

Axis HealthAxis Health, a holistic chiropractic office that offers a team approach from a variety of healthcare professionals, is celebrating 24 years in business. Co-owners Owen and Sandra Martin, both chiropractors, moved to Grants Pass in 1994 specifically to open the practice and build a family here.
Owen has an extensive background in fitness, sports and health. “My undergraduate degree is in exercise science and biochemistry,” he said. “My initial interest, however, was in medicine, and it became apparent to me that alternative healthcare offered a way of taking care of people that better fit my strengths and interests.”

Sandra has similar interests. “As a young woman, I was treated by a chiropractor who helped me tremendously with some physical conditions, as well as inspiring me to become the best I could be,” she said. “The combination of this influence, as well as my caring nature, led me to pursue the same profession.”

In 2010 the office was joined by co-owner Ryan Baker, D.C., whose “interest in health care, and a desire to help people as well as a phobia for chemical therapy led him to pursue chiropractic as a profession.”

The focus at Axis Health is to identify and correct health problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. And it’s not just chiropractic work. Their team of providers also includes primary medical care (they just added Family Nurse Practitioners Lacy E. Scott and Diane J. Conklin); massage therapists (therapeutic/deep tissue and relaxation/stress relief); rehabilitative exercise therapy; counseling; and supplements, in addition to a front desk that is service oriented.

“The goal is to correct the root of a person’s problems and therefore eliminate the need for future care if possible,” Owen said. “Each person is treated with love and respect from the moment they call to schedule an appointment, to their waiting room experience, to treatment by whichever healthcare provider they see, and extending into how they are charged for whatever therapy they receive.”

It’s definitely a holistic approach at Axis Health, and the team works together to decide on the perfect strategy. “Chiropractic uses a variety of therapeutic measures to restore normal joint and muscle function,” Owen said. “Massage therapy can range from general relaxation to specialized therapy directed at specific areas of soft tissue scarring or muscle tension.”

Ryan continued: “Therapeutic exercise is a highly specialized form of physical therapy that is used to identify areas of uneven muscle strength and muscle flexibility in areas of the body that have become unbalanced,” he said. “And our primary care providers treat, care for and handle all your basic medical needs, from routine and preventative exams and screenings to sore throats, injuries, or managing diabetes. They really handle it all.”

No referral is necessary for treatment at Axis Health under most circumstances, although some insurance plans may require referral in order for complete coverage. Same day appointments are usually available, and they are open on most Saturdays.

For more information, call 541-471-0397 or see them at You can also like them on Facebook.