Private Mailboxes and More at Mail Call

May 2017

Mail CallAfter many years helping her husband with his trucking business, Sue Bowker, owner of Mail Call at 233 Rogue River Highway, felt she needed a change of pace.

“We visited Grants Pass in the summer of 1977 and loved it so much we moved here,” Sue said. “There wasn’t a lot of work, but my husband always drove a truck, so we started Action Transfer in the early 1990s. We both had dump trucks hauling sand and gravel, but I always thought a private mail box store would be something I could do and enjoy.”

So in December 2014, when Mail Call was for sale, the Bowkers bought the business and the rest is history.
“I enjoy meeting people at Mail Call,” Sue said. “They come in and out, and they’re greeted with a smile as soon as they come through the door. There are so many ways to serve their needs in this business.”
Mail Call was actually the first private mail box company in the area and was established in 1981.

“We have private mailboxes, and we are not affiliated with the Post Office,” Sue said. “We are a commercial address, so all shipping carriers will deliver here. Our forwarding service is optional for all those who travel during the year and need their mail forwarded or held for long or short periods. Everything is totally safe and secure, and we can receive packages via online shopping.”

There are a wide range of services at Mail Call. “We can fax copies, and we offer certified mailing,” Sue said. “We also provide priority mailings, and we now pack and ship with FedEx and the Post Office.”

One can expect one-on-one service at Mail Call. “For those who live in the out-of-town areas, this is the way to insure that your mail is secure,” Sue said. “I’m looking forward to serving the needs of all my loyal customers.”
The phone number at Mail Call is 541-474-1748, and you can like them on Facebook.