We All Want the Goal of Optimal Health

October 2017

Optimal Health of Southern OregonWhen it comes to health care, you ideally want to avoid chronic or catastrophic illnesses and keep any nagging health “issues” to a minimum. In this fast-paced, stress inducing Digital Age, it’s not always easy to do, and that’s where Optimal Health of Southern Oregon, a full-service family practice located at 1600 NW 6th Street comes in. Wendell Heidinger, MD, focuses on wellness, prevention, and lifestyle change.

“I moved to Gold Hill in 2013 to work with Ventana offering more comprehensive services, including wellness and lifestyle treatment,” Dr. Heidinger said. “In July 2017 I opened Optimal Health of Southern Oregon to offer primary care in Grants Pass and have the freedom to continue developing wellness services in my own practice. Optimal Health is committed to meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of patients in the primary care setting.”

Dr. Heidinger was inspired to enter the medical field by watching his physician father treat patients in Africa, where he grew up. Jeremy Cathey, FNP, moved from Louisiana to be a part of the team.
At Optimal Health, you’ll receive “excellent customer service from providers who really listen, and staff who want to get to know the patient.”

“We don’t push medications, and we meet the patients one-on-one,” Dr. Heidinger said. “Optimal Health is focused on innovation and wellness, and we believe that the compound effect of making small changes will lead to optimal health in the long run. This approach to healthcare offers better overall treatment to each patient.”

The office provides annual physicals, sports physicals, and DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals, as well as hypertension and diabetes clinics. They have also stepped up to offer primary care to the patients of Drs. Millette and Foutz, whose practices are now closed.

“We are family and community oriented,” Dr. Heidinger said. “Our mission is to inspire our patients with hope, whether it’s for better health in general or for recovery and management of a specific illness, like hypertension or diabetes. Patients don’t have to stay stuck in a current or worsening health state doomed to add medication after medication.”

For more info, the phone number is 541-507-1948. You can also see them at ohoso.org and like them on Facebook.