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One thing is for certain in the Rogue Valley: if you don’t want to be bored, you don’t have to wander very far to find entertainment.  We have world-class theater, a variety of music venues and every other person you meet is an artist in one form or another.
Find the entertainment you’ve been looking for.



Get to know your local business owners. Help strengthen our local economy by getting to know the folks who operate businesses here in Medford and the choice to "stay local" becomes an obvious one. So get to know a local business, and start supporting them... you never know, they could be your neighbors!

  • Summer Fun at The Schoolhaus Brewhaus

    Summer Fun at The Schoolhaus Brewhaus

    July 2017

    It’s that time of year when The Rogue Valley starts looking outdoors to fill those long summer nights for ways to entertain the entire family. When the schedule doesn’t allow for a long drive out to the lake or a full day on the river, The Schoolhaus Brewhaus in Jacksonville offers hours of great outdoor activities close to home. 

  • Rogue Wear by Southern Oregon Embroidery

    Rogue Wear by Southern Oregon Embroidery

    June 2017

    Tesha and Javier Lopez have been operating Southern Oregon Embroidery since 2011, but a trip to the lone star state inspired them to add a new aspect to their business. “Texans are proud of their state, wearing all kinds of Texas themed clothing; so why not bring that pride and style to the Rogue Valley and the beautiful State of Oregon?” Tesha explained.

  • Weed Country Adventures

    Weed Country Adventures

    June 2017

    When Measure 91 passed legalizing recreational use of marijuana, local river guides Mike and Tawni Boutin had an idea. “We decided to make an opportunity for people to have the raft trip they want. An adult float, no kids, no worries,” Mike said.

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