Weed Country Adventures

June 2017

Weed Country AdventuresWhen Measure 91 passed legalizing recreational use of marijuana, local river guides Mike and Tawni Boutin had an idea. “We decided to make an opportunity for people to have the raft trip they want. An adult float, no kids, no worries,” Mike said.

Now in their second season, Weed Country Adventures is the first “openly” marijuana-friendly outfitter in the nation. They currently provide discreet, trouble-free, adult rafting trips between Shady Cove and Gold Hill on the Rogue River in June, July and August.

“Although by law right now we cannot allow people to use marijuana in the boat, our motto is ‘We do not follow our clients into the brush,’ and we stop a few times per trip for people to take care of whatever needs they may have. We are a 21 year-old and above outfitting company whose main goal is to give you the float trip you would do for yourself if you had the equipment and the experience.”

Recently featured on the Discover series Weed Country, Mike and Tawni, in addition to offering a safe, exhilarating river experience, promise an educational one as well. Mike has over 40 years experience with cannabis, and has been rafting the Rogue since 1989. “If you want to learn about marijuana, or our experiences filming TV, all topics are on the table,” Mike said. “But I also teach local history along the river. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth—a veritable outdoor paradise.”

Weed Country Adventures offers three different floats:

  • The Scenic Sesh: a morning float in milder water, and the longest river time.
  • The Whitewater Sesh: an afternoon float that is the “Nugget Run.” Class IV rapids on 5 miles of river.
  • The Quick Rip: 1.5 hour white water trip that hits the two Class IV’s (1/2 of the Whitewater Sesh).

They also offer a 10% discount to Veterans, Seniors 60 and over and groups who fill the boat with one call. For more information please call 707-672-2272 or visit WeedCountryAdventures.com.