Talent Clinic: serving the Talent community since 1980

April 2017

Talent ClinicSteve Joslin, FNP, originally opened the Talent Clinic, LLC in downtown Talent in 1980. It was one of the first Nurse Practitioner-owned clinics in the state. It has remained at the same location since, growing to occupy the adjacent suite when MiddleWay Medicine moved to its new location in 2015.

Max Tenscher, FNP, took over operations in June 2013, and took ownership in January 2014 after Steve retired.

Currently at Talent Clinic are clinicians Tom Hazel, FNP, and Ute Frommer-Sherbow CNM/NP, MSN Woman’s Health and Gynecology Nurse Practitioner. Amber Bauman is the office manager.

“We provide primary care working with our patients to come to the best solutions to health problems while working to emphasize health,” Max explained. “We all enjoy the work we do and appreciate being able to serve the needs of our patients, and this community.”

How long you’ve lived in Talent, what brought you here and from where?

Max: My wife and I moved to Talent in 2013 after 20 years in Portland. Steve was working on his retirement and we wanted a less urban lifestyle closer to family and friends in northern California.

Tom:  I’ve lived in Talent for the most part since 1994, with a few years in Ashland in the early 2000’s.  My wife and I have been here consistently since 2002, and our youngest daughter spent her entire public school career in the Phoenix-Talent system.  I moved to the Rogue Valley right after completing my graduate education, which actually was returning to the area after getting my undergrad training at what was then SOSC.  As an outdoor enthusiast, I was drawn back to Southern Oregon for the easy access to good cycling, trails to run on, skiing, and a climate with 4 distinct seasons.  I grew up in the Cascades east of Salem, Oregon, which is a lot wetter, and wet more of the year.

Ute:  I moved to Ashland in 1983 from Germany to attend Nursing School at SOSC, and graduated in 1988 with a BS in Nursing.  After working as a RN in the Rogue Valley, I earned my graduate degree (MS in Nursing) in OB/GYN and Nurse Midwifery in 1994 from the University of Utah, and have since worked in my field with women across the lifespan in both Obstetrics and Gynecology/Woman’s Health, mostly in the Rogue Valley, but also in Portland, Roseburg, and Klamath Falls. I stopped delivering babies in 2011, when my parents’ health declined in order to help take care for them.

What are your backgrounds in this type of business, and what motivated you to follow this career?

Max: I went to nurse practitioner training at U.C. Davis with Steve Joslin. I worked for 10 years in Mt Shasta, CA before moving to Portland. I worked with a young DO for much of that time. For the last 12 years I owned a practice in NW Portland. While working in Portland I would sometimes come to Talent to work the clinic while Steve and his Nurse Practitioner wife, Roberta, went on vacations. For many years the clinic had provided a unique resource for the area and seemed worth my energy to allow it to continue.

Tom: After my undergrad training here in Ashland, I went to the University of Washington for my NP training, and promptly came back to the Rogue Valley once the schooling was finished.  For most of my 25 year career, I worked in administrative roles along with providing direct patient care, but always as an employee.  Last year, with the gentle coaxing from Max, Roberta Kaiser, and Steve Joslin, I finally took the step of self employment.  This has allowed me to provide care in a model and style that best suits me and, in a  way, provide care in a fashion that has largely been discouraged by the corporatization of primary care; slowing the pace down, listening carefully, and trying to have the treatments recommended fit better with the realities of a given individual’s situation.  This includes not only the condition being treated, but the life circumstances and beliefs that are influential on our health realities.

Ute:  Steve and Roberta have been long-term friends, and encouraged me to open my own practice at Talent Clinic.  In 2014, after meeting Max, I was excited to live my dream in providing Women’s Health Care and Gynecology for women of all ages (teens, young adult women, middle age women, and our “young” elderly patients) in this great community.  Since my teen years, after having been a high school exchange student in the US, I wanted to return to attend nursing school, and receive a MS degree in Nursing specializing in Women’s Health/Gynecology, and Obstetrics. I had my own business 23 years ago in Obstetrics as part of Ashland Center for Women’s Health, delivering babies at Ashland Hospital. Over the years I worked in a variety of settings, including Public Health clinics and private clinics, as well as Kaiser Permanente, and La Clinica del Valle (delivering babies at Providence and Rogue Valley hospitals).  I have also taught Nursing at SOSC and for OHSU at SOU in Ashland.  When the opportunity arose to have my own practice again, I was very happy to be able to practice the kind of individualized, comprehensive care I believe in.   

Tell us something interesting about yourself:

Max: I owned an integrative clinic in NW Portland for 11 years where we combined alternative therapies and psychology in our primary care practice.

Tom: I spent the first 16 years of my career here in the Rogue Valley working at Community Health Center, as a clinician, and for the majority of that time as the Director of Clinical Services (a non-physician Medical Director) as well.  I then went on to help start the internal medicine clinic at Ashland Community Hospital, which led to additional managerial roles up until the hospital transitioned to become part of the Asante system.  While I thoroughly enjoyed both of these roles, I find it even more rewarding to be part of a small town clinic providing primary care to folks that I see around town for both acute and chronic illnesses, back pain issues, and mental health concerns.  Our style here is based on the concern and respect one has for your good neighbors, because that is really who we care for at the clinic, even when folks don’t live just around the corner or down the street.

Ute: I have a strong believe in holistic health care, treating the whole person, and working together with my patients on developing goals for a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. I enjoy counseling my patients on finding the “right” birth control method for them, including pills, patches, rings, and non-hormonal methods; I have also inserted Copper and Mirena IUDs for more than 20 years for hundreds of patients, as well as the Nexplanon capsule.
For more complex gynecological problems I consult, collaborate, and help coordinate care for my patients as needed with GYN specialists locally, Gynecological Oncologists in Oregon, including at OHSU, and experts in other disciplines.

What can clients expect at the Talent Clinic?

Max: Caring compassionate healthcare with providers willing to listen. Knowledgeable and thoughtful management of the full spectrum of conditions typically dealt with in the primary care setting, from acute and chronic ailments to mental health concerns.  Appropriate referrals to specialists both locally and otherwise when necessary.  We have well established relationships with the local medical community, both traditional and non-traditional, as well as providers in the Portland area if something is not available here in our area.

What other services or products do you offer?

Max: We manage the full range of health problems from simple to complex. We do physical exams for wellness, sports physicals, skin surgery and women’s health. We do have same day appointments as well as scheduled visits.

Our office manager/receptionist/scheduler/biller, Amber Bauman, welcomes our patients every day with a bright smile and in a positive and helpful manner, and keeps us in a great mood all day. Amber is the daughter of Robyn McBride who held the same position for 15 years with Steve Joslin.  While we all practice fairly traditional Western Medicine, we all are open to, and work in conjunction with other modalities of care, including Acupuncture, Herbal/Chinese medicine, Chiropractic, and other therapy approaches.

Talent Clinic is located at 312 E Main St, Talent. Please call 541 535-9108 for more information.