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“Best Concert in the Park”: Sound Stage Revue, p. 16
“Best Piece of Public Art”: Evergreen Park, page 18
Grants Pass’s News & Review
Stillpoint Dance Studio’s “Nutcracker Ballet” won for “Best Play in the Last Year.”
2016 “Best of the Rogue Valley”
Part II: “Restaurants & Entertainment,” p. 5
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The Olympics are over, and I can finally get some work done. Fantasy Football, however, is right around the corner, and if anyone has any tips about whom to draft, I would greatly appreciate it. Just don’t ask for a finder’s fee if the player goes off the chart this year.
Books Galore at My Bookstore
We can only hope that the Kindle phase has peaked because there’s still nothing like the feel and intimacy of a good book. Cozying up to the fire with a glass of wine and opening “that electronic device emitting electromagnetic rays” just doesn’t sound very romantic.
And that’s where My Bookstore, located at 914 Rogue River Highway, comes in handy. The store contains over 60,000 used books with every subject imaginable, and they have an exchange policy that allows up to $2 off any book.
Helping out in the store is Olga Lopez, the manager, plus LeslieAnn’s granddaughter Samantha Huling, volunteers Billy Wolke, Mike Hanks, Shauna Singer (and her son Ben), and Olga’s son Chris and daughter Lydia. Many of them also volunteer at the local library.
“I was semi-retired and didn’t really have any plans to open a business,” LeslieAnn said. “But my daughter graduated from SOU in June of 2003 and was helping the original owner of the store, who had named it the $2.00 Bookstore. After three months the owner had a change of plans and I offered to buy it from her and eventually changed the name to My Bookstore. I had a volunteer, Annette Beck, in the beginning who helped me get organized and after six months she became my first employee. She was instrumental in the store being successful, and she retired last year.”
Everyone in the store is a big supporter of the library. “I support the library but realize they are limited due to the lack of funding,” LeslieAnn said. “Books should be available to everyone, especially children, and it is my goal to help that happen. I have a great respect for teachers and offer them a 10% discount, as they spend their own money to supply books
“Favorite Local Winery”: Schmidt Family Winery, p. 21
“We have a friendly and comfortable atmosphere,” said owner LeslieAnn Leen, who moved here from California in 1983 with her husband and two children to find a quality place to raise a family. “The store is air -conditioned, and there are plenty of areas to hang out. We have the gift of gab and love to get to know our customers. We have some customers from out of state who vacation in Grants Pass every year, and we are on their must-stop list. I have customers calling us the Powell’s of Southern Oregon.”
The owners and staff of My Bookstore, clockwise from bottom left: Samantha Huling, LeslieAnn Leen, Ben Singer, Shauna Singer, Billy Wolke and Olga Lopez.
in the classroom.” LeslieAnn’s husband
died in 1997 and suffered from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) he incurred in Vietnam. “I began reading self-help books which helped me understand the suffering that has been caused by PTSD,” she said. “I love helping people find the perfect book that gives them some peace in their life struggles. My Bookstore is a great place to find those books.”
For more info, the phone number is 541- 479-6008.
Website: mybook-
Facebook: mybook- storegp.
The store is open Monday-Friday 9-5:30 and Saturdays 10-5.
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