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Grants Pass is in for a treat as Stephen M.R. Cov- ey, national best-selling author of The Speed of Trust. will be in town for a special presentation on Friday, September 16. Covey is a sought-after and compel- ling keynote speaker and adviser on trust, leadership, ethics, sales and high performance, and he speaks to audiences around the world.
The Speed of Trust is a groundbreaking paradigm- shifting book that challenges our age-old assumption that tust is merely a soft, social virtue and instead demonstrates that it is a hard-edged economic driver- -a learnable, measurable skill that makes organiza- tions more profitable,peoeple more promotable, and relationships more energizing.
He advocates that nothing is as fast as the speed of trust and that the ability to esablish, grow, estend and rstore trust with all stakeholders is the critical leadership competency of the new global economy.
General admission is $40, and tickets are avail- able at the Chamber of Commerce or by going to Tickets include Speed of Trust Cards. The Chamber would like to thank all of their many sponsors, including allcare health, the City of Grants Pass, and Rogue Community College.
The presentation is from 6-9pm at the GPHS Per- forming Arts Center, and doors open at 5pm.
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