A Shear Vision Tackles Hair Loss with Sensitivity and Style

July 2018

A Shear VisionAlthough we typically think of men when we think of hair loss, nearly 40 percent of those who suffer hair loss are women. Regardless of gender, the problem can be devastating to one’s self-confidence.

Lesli Roberts has seen plenty of evidence of this during her 30-plus year career as a hair stylist. She opened A Shear Vision Hair Salon (24 Crater Lake Avenue #5, in Medford) in 2006 to offer not just expert cutting, color and perms, but a service that addresses hair loss with sensitivity and style.

“I realized there was a huge need for people with hair loss issues,” says Lesli.
There were few services that specialized in solutions for people experiencing hair loss, and she began selling wigs and what she calls “top pieces,” then moved into what has become her true passion—hair systems customized to each individual.

“We take a mold of each person’s head, and decide what color, what length, how thick they want the hair to be, how much curl they want in it,” she says. She then sends the information to a company that manufactures each piece to the customer’s specifications. Once the “hair system” is ready, Lesli fits it on the client.

“They wear it for four weeks, and treat it just as they would their own hair—wash it, blow it dry, curl it—whatever they normally would do, “she said. “Customers come back after four weeks, at which time I will freshen up the scalp and care for their hair—whatever they need.”

Many customers, Lesli says, purchase two hair systems and rotate them; one is washed and conditioned while the other is worn. Although Lesli provides expert general hair styling, she takes special pride in what she feels is an important and unique specialty of providing custom hair systems.

“I have clients of all ages, from the very young to older people; men, women and children,” she said. “I am here to help them gain more confidence in themselves and feel better about their appearance.”

She emphasizes that all consultations are private and confidential; appointments are necessary because Lesli takes time to work closely with each client.

“An appointment allows me to spend time together discussing your issues and how to provide the best solution for you,” she said. “I tell people not to be shy or feel like there is no hope. There’s always hope. I always figure something out, so you will walk out of my salon looking and feeling fabulous.”

For more information, call 541-772-0733 or go to ashearvision.com. You can also find them on Facebook.