April 2014

The Ashland Family Massage Education Center

Ashland Family Massage Education Center

According to health research, massage is the oldest component of movement in health care that adequately changes the body to help it be the best it can be. One local Massage Therapist who follows this latest research is JoAnn Lewis, owner of Family Massage Education Center, located at 1081 E. Main in Ashland.
JoAnn has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for nearly 20 years and has been teaching public classes for home health for over fifteen. In 2006 she returned after a year-plus in Belgium and England to finish her Trainer's certification to train instructors of Infant Massage with IAIM International. She opened FMEC on February 1, 2011.
"Many people were influential in the choice of Ashland as the area of health awareness in massage to open a massage center for the general public's home health use," JoAnn said. "Many therapist schools and colleges have some public classes, but nowhere in the world today have I seen a center devoted to massage for everyone."
JoAnn trains professionals in Prenatal massage, and the general public to teach Infant Massage for parents to do with their babies. Massage aids in the complete development of the brain, body, motor skills and IQ for the baby's life.
"In just seven hours of a massage course, people learn how to give an easy and complete massage that brings health, happiness, repair and relief with positive interaction," JoAnn said. "We teach ongoing weekly and some weekend Massage classes for singles, couples, parents, pregnant partners, and babies. These classes have changed people's lives forever in true health and compassion for their loved ones and others."
The Center has two Massage Therapists available for therapy appointments, plus massage oils, supplies and tables are available. There are also monthly specialty classes in areas like aromatherapy, qigong, vitaflex, prenatal, and weekly Tai Chi with Gene Burnett on Monday mornings at 9:30.
"Our First Friday Massage and Art Event each month is becoming very popular," JoAnn said. "It features fully-clothed 15-minutes massages to live soft music, Zorba's raw chocolate truffle samples, and teas from the Spice & Tea Exchange. We are looking for community support of the center and its massage classes. Become a member today and learn for a lifetime of health and happiness."
The phone number is 541-482-3567. You can also see their website at HelloFMEC.com.

Outdoor Fun at Indigo Creek Outfitters

Indigo Creek OutfittersOne nice thing about a Business degree is that you can use the knowledge gained to kick start a career in something you're passionate about. Take the case of Will Volpert, owner of Indigo Creek Outfitters. He came to Ashland from Point Reyes, CA, in 2004 and completed his degree in Business at SOU in 2008.
His passion was river rafting, and after graduation he worked rivers in California and Idaho before moving back to Ashland in 2010 and opening his own company in 2011.
"My family has a history in the river outfitting industry dating back nearly forty years," Will said. "Guiding and working on the river has always been a huge part of my life. Eventually I got to a point where I realized the best way for me to make a living and continue to do what I loved was to start my own business."
Indigo Creek Outfitters is a rafting, tour and adventure vacation company that specializes in running half-day and full-day whitewater rafting trips on the Rogue and Upper Klamath Rivers.
"We also lead fun and interactive tours of the local breweries and eateries, and we build customized multi-day outdoor adventure vacations that everyone can enjoy," Will said. "Our customers can expect to have a tremendous outdoor experience with fun-loving and family-friendly guides. It's a great experience for both locals and visitors."
A rafting trip can be a nightmare of logistics, and part of Will's business plan is to make it easy for the customer.
"Everyone meets at our Rafting Center at 130 A Street, and that saves on driving time," he said. "We provide everything you need, but if you forgot something, like sunblock, we have it. If you need a wetsuit, booties or a splash jacket, we have those too. Each trip receives a minimum of 25 photos, and you'll have access to those within minutes. Every one of our guides has a college education with degrees related to the outdoor industry."
During the winter months, the brewery tours are very popular, as the trip includes four breweries in five hours. "These are breweries that are off the beaten path and full of character," Will said. "You can expect to meet the owners and brewers and have a chance to chat with them and learn their stories."
Will is also appreciative of the support from other outfitters in town. "Our friends at Noah's, Momentum and Kokopelli all run great trips and we're proud to be part of this local river community."
For more info, the phone number is 541-282-4535, or go to their webpage at IndigoCreekOutfitters.com.

Ashland Home Net: A Local Hero

Ashland Home NetOne of the movers and shakers of Ashland's growing technological scene is Jim Teece, owner of Ashland Home Net. Jim and his family moved here in 1992 to start a family and grow their business, Project A.
"When dial-up Internet first came to town twenty years ago, we opened the Software Boutique on A Street," Jim said. "In the late 1990s, we actually helped design and build the Ashland Fiber Network and created one of its first ISPs (Internet Service Providers). I have always believed that AFN is the foundation of economic development in this city, and we are committed to work with the City of Ashland to keep it relevant and competitive."
Even though a majority of customers are connecting to AFN for the Internet service, Teece believes that TV and phone are also important. To back up that belief, his company bought Ashland Home Net, AFN's TV provider, in 2008 when the owner, Gary Nelson, retired.
"The City had exited the TV market before that, and Ashland Home Net had been selected to run the TV service on the City's behalf," Teece said. "Customers can expect friendly, courteous service from a local team, affordable rates, and a competitive offering of products. We are constantly upgrading our services, and we exclusively offer the Pac-12 network, which customers can also watch online on most devices. We take deep pride in knowing that our competition are multi-billion dollar companies, and that the citizens of Ashland choose a small, local company to provide the services they depend on."
Ashland Home Net is not only the largest ISP in Ashland, it's the only Ashland ISP. There are others, but they're not Ashland-based.
"Customers can connect to high speed Internet and enjoy HD cable television and Internet phone service at affordable rates with no contracts," Teece said. "Rural customers east of Ashland are able to connect to HighSpeed wireless services. We also provide computer repair services and training."
Ashland Home Net is launching something new this month called LocalHero. "It's a way for everyone to commit to doing more business locally and get recognized for doing so," Teece said. "We hope that it will catch on and spread to communities all across the world. You can find out more at AshlandHome.net/localhero."
The company is also hosting/sponsoring/sharing the Chamber of Commerce's Innovators Conference on April 11.
For more details, call Ashland Home Net at 541-488-9207. They are located at 607 Siskiyou Boulevard.

Osteopathic Care with Meredith Lowry

Meredith-LowryWithin the health care field, Osteopathy is a well-kept secret. When Meredith Lowry, D.O., of Dynamic Health Partners in Ashland, discovered its power at age 27, she was so impressed that she went to Osteopathic medical school and obtained her medical degree.
"When I was young, I studied botany and herbal medicine, and at age 20 read about homeopathy," Meredith said. "I loved the elegance of it—how such an infinitesimally small substance can have such a potent effect to augment the self healing capacities of a person. At age 21, I went to India to study and work in homeopathic clinics for eight months and afterward I taught physicians and classes in homeopathy for six years until I decided to go to Osteopathic medical school.
A.T. Still, MD, who started Osteopathy in 1874 said: "To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."
"This Health is far more than the absence of symptoms or disease," Meredith said. "It is an indwelling, living intelligence and therapeutic self-organizing force responsible for all growth, development and healing from conception throughout life. It's about synchronizing with and augmenting what is functioning in a healthy manner in a person, thereby supporting and enhancing this indwelling Health. Dr. Still found his patients would not only to get well but become healthier and more resilient. I was drawn to the curative power of Osteopathy. I not only wanted to fully learn medicine, but I wanted to learn how to sense this Health with my hands and help people become healthier."
Osteopathy is not just about treating musculoskeletal problems. "I've helped people with a wide range of acute and chronic problems with Osteopathy over my 28 years in practice," Meredith said. "That includes but is not limited to insomnia, hypertension, stress related problems, TMJ dysfunction, autoimmune problems, sciatica, pain or injury of spine or extremities, brain injury, ADD, OCD, GI problems, dizziness, sinusitis, vertigo, palpitations and all kinds of headaches."
Meredith especially enjoys treating infants and children who may have had a difficult birth, dentition, allergies, sleep, digestive, chronic ear, sinus, or respiratory problems, developmental delay, sensory/motor problems, attention deficit, or on the autistic spectrum, as well as treating pregnant mothers, to aid healthy functioning during their pregnancy and delivery, as well as gently turning babies if needed.
While the concept of Osteopathy is well established, Meredith is continually amazed at the remarkable results.
"Most people feel considerably better by the end of the visit," she said. "The treatments are gentle and most patients become quite relaxed and often report an enhanced sense of physical, mental and spiritual well being, and/or a deeper connection to one's self and others. I also adjunctively use nutrition, herbs, supplements, homeopathy, medicine, movement, posture and exercise as needed to support healthy changes."
She is an Osteopathic Specialist and provider on all insurance plans. For more info or to set up an appointment, call 541-482-8314. The office is located at 153 Clear Creek Dr., #101. A good website for more information on Osteopathy is: www.dynamicpotency.com.