September 2021

Ashland Family DentistryAlternative energy is the wave of the future, and at Ashland Family Denistry (574 Washington Street), Dr. Brandt Cullen, DDS, has joined forces with STracker Solar to install two 12.5kW STracker Model S1B PV-electric units, which track the sun all day.

“While these dual-axis trackers are similar to the ones behind ScienceWorks Museum, these 2021 units have an increased sunrise-sunset tracking range, higher power modules, and the latest BiFacial PV technology,” said STracker Solar owner Jeff Sharpe. “An additional 20% of energy production is anticipated with the newer units.”

Dr. Cullen is excited about the project. “The STracker technology will help our dental office achieve a zero footprint for electrical use,” he said. “That will help make the planet a little greener, and clients can expect to come to a dental office that uses 100% renewable energy. The office’s annual electricity use will be fully offset with the two STracker solar trackers. Ashland Family Dentistry is proud to be teamed with STracker Solar to showcase how local businesses can help build sustainability and energy security into our local energy grid while providing local jobs in the emerging technologies.”

STracker Solar was established as an offshoot of Ashland’s Sharpe Energy Solutions to develop a new solution to bringing the highest-efficiency solar power to urban and school environments while maintaining full use of the valuable land underneath the units.

“We design and manufacture elevated dual-axis trackers at the Oak Street Tank & Steel shop and are developing projects utilizing local subcontractors and labor for showcase projects across the region,” Jeff said. “Patent pending STrackers are now the only dual-axis tracking system in the country carrying the respected UL 3703 listing. We have become the respected industry leader in elevated solar tracking.”

Jeff is hoping other Ashland businesses will follow Dr. Cullen’s lead. “STracker Solar and SES is proud to be teaming with Brandt and Ashland Family Dentistry to help them become the first Net-0 (electric) office in the City,” he said. “They will be a leader in the use and proclamation of innovative technologies to help tackle our pressing energy sustainability and climate crisis issues.”

Dr. Cullen grew up in Coos Bay, spent some time living in Asia while serving in the U.S. Navy, and opened his dental practice in Ashland in 2009. For an appointment, call 541-482-1991 or go to

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