Ashland’s Newest Store Downtown: The North & East Co.

January 2020

Countryside Village RetirementOne of the newest stores to open downtown is North & East Co. at 242 E. Main (where Unicorn Toys used to be), a “family shop that features a variety of cute and adventurous modern crafts and apparel along with vintage items and a selection of Chinese and other East Asian antiques.”

The store is a mother-daughter venture staffed by Angela Blackwell, her daughter Ginger Martgan, her son Beam Blackwell, and their spouses, Zachary Martgan and Sarah Blackwell.

Angela laid her business roots running the family’s gift shop in California (the World Famous Tree House, a tourist destination off Highway 101 consisting of a gift shop attached to a 4000-year-old redwood tree). The store also featured items from the collection of Chinese antiques that Angela had amassed over the last 27 years.

After moving to Ashland in 2008, Angela opened Tree House Oriental Antiques in Talent. Ginger, meanwhile, had graduated AHS in 2011, moved away for college, got married, lived in Nashville, TN, and finally found her way back to Ashland in 2018.

“Ginger’s career in graphic design and apparel printing began in her art class at Ashland High School, where she learned about screen printing, art design and sewing,” Angela said. “There she made her first design—the panda in a pocket t-shirt which birthed her first line, Gingycake. She also developed a line based on her love for the outdoors—Fox Peak Apparel.”

Ginger’s husband Zachary is also an avid appreciator of the outdoors and sells his nature photography, along with a collection of candles he makes from vintage mugs and other unique vessels in a variety of scents.

With all of those varied interests, the family decided in October 2019 to open their own store at a prime location in downtown Ashland.

“There really is something for everyone,” Angela said. “We have handmade bags and purses, cards painted by West Coast artists, rocks and crystals, jewelry, stuffed animals, balance boards, and other items at the ‘north’ portion of the store. The ‘east’ section features cabinets, chairs and boxes that are hundreds of years old, antique scales, a brass ship telescope, and of course, my collection of ancient East Asian treasures and home furnishings.”

Customers can expect a warm, friendly environment where they can take time to shop and see and enjoy the variety of items offered. Anyone interested in seeing more of Angela’s antiques is welcome to arrange a visit to her Talent shop which is operating on an appointment-only basis while they get North & East Co. off the ground.

For more info, call 541-285-1433. You can also see them on Facebook.