August 2012

Great Food & Fun at Northwest Pizza & Pasta

Northwest-PizzaOver at Northwest Pizza & Pasta Company (1585 Siskiyou), new owners Morgan George, John Bohn and Robin DeMoss have completely remodeled the facility and converted it into a fun, festive atmosphere to have lunch/dinner and relax with friends and family.

Morgan, who grew up in Ashland and Medford, was living in Portland in 2007 when his brother tragically fell to his death on Table Rock.

"I immediately moved back to be near family," Morgan said. "I owned a medical supply business for a while and was actually working part-time as a doorman at the Vinyl Club when I became close friends and business partners with the owner, John Bohn. We discussed different ventures and NW Pizza & Pasta seemed like the proper fit for our unique skill sets."

John and Robin share a daughter together, and the goal was to get Robin closer to Adriana. "We all decided that NW Pizza & Pasta would allow Robin to relocate from Las Vegas, where she lived," Morgan said. "We wanted to rejuvenate the business and offer a community restaurant where the entire community could come and feel welcome."

The trio pride themselves on "providing amazing food, service, and a place the community can be proud of."

"We do all we can to purchase products from local farmers to put into our recipes," Morgan said. "Almost all items on our menu are made from scratch, from the dough to the sauces, even our own special creations on our Summer Selections Menu, which are in large part created by our chef, John DeMoss, Robin's new husband and a 2011 graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas. We're also now serving gluten-free crust on our pizzas for those who want it."

In addition to the menu, the restaurant features 12 beers on tap, ten big screen TVs, a pool table, and a number of video games.

The restaurant is involved in the community through the Little League programs, and the AHS football, volleyball and theater departments. They work with SOU in all departments to aid in student involvement through volunteer work and by providing a venue for students and their families, some of whom travel from all over the map, to meet in a friendly environment.

NW Pizza & Pasta is open Mon-Thu 3-10pm and Fri-Sun 11am-10pm. The phone number is 541-488-2080.

Ashland Art Center Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

When Executive Director Denise Baxter conceived the idea of opening a community-oriented for-profit gallery, Ashland Art Center, in 2006, the focus was on artist support and arts education. By 2008 the entity became a non-profit organization, and in 2009, after running a successful capital campaign, AAC moved into its current location at 357 E. Main Street, revamping the historic Provost Building. On August 1, they celebrated their third anniversary in that location.

"We are about supporting artists and proliferating arts education throughout the region," said Denise, who moved to Ashland in 2000 with her family. "This takes many forms, and we wish to inspire all individuals to create. Customers can always expect a warm welcome, a vast variety of art options (painting, jewelry, sculpture, paper and more), and an interesting and engaging environment."

Programs Director Sarah Burns has been committed to being an oil painter since early childhood and studied contemporary art at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland and classical realism at the former Ashland Academy of Art.

"Ashland Art Center provides support to artists and a welcoming environment for members of the public to discover art and artists," Sarah said. "As Programs Director, I take this basic mission and apply it to AAC classes and events. We have classes that feed and grow artist business skills, technical skills for all levels and media, as well as providing children's and beginner art education opportunities."

In addition to her duties as Volunteer Coordinator, Robbin Pearce is also a full-time professional artist. "The day-to-day operations of the center are largely run by volunteers," Robbin said. "There are 21 Premiere Gallery artists who do everything from cashiering to stocking supplies and cleaning the facilities. My task is to ensure the volunteers have what they need to keep the doors open."

The Art Center is a popular place for First Friday Art Walks. No matter what day you stop by, there are always people doing, learning, discovering and making art. Several times a year they offer high-level workshops, and every month there are free and affordable classes and events, many of which are drop-in and required no prior or future commitments.

The phone number at the Ashland Art Center is 482-2772.

Phoenix Organics Celebrates Ten Years

Phoenix Organics, at 4543 S. Pacific Highway in Phoenix, is celebrating ten years in business. Owners Abraham Harris (from Portland) and Israel Jaramillo (from New York) opened the store in 2002 to "help the community and our planet by producing clean air, water and soil."

"We are the leader in southern Oregon for organic garden and eco-building supplies," Abraham said. "We have the only OMRI Certified Compost in the region. We do not use fill or low-grade materials in our soil blends and composts. We also provide clean and 100% plant-based compost free from phytophthora pathogens, which cause root rot."

Abraham was raised with organic food, while Israel is a self-taught organic farmer.

"Phoenix Organics is an organic farm and garden center with a friendly and knowledgeable staff who can assist in your organic garden and home needs," Israel said. "Whether you are planting a row, or acres, or painting or remodeling your home, you can find it all here."

The eco building supplies include fencing, insulation, panels, plaster and stucco. They are for the casual do-it-yourself handyman as well as builders and contractors. You can also find carpets, fireplaces, flooring, kitchen/bath fixtures, tiles, bedroom fixtures, paints, primers, and a whole lot more.

"We are a one-stop shop," Abraham said. "From our farm and garden center, to our eco home center, we have everything you need. We also have Oregon's first Biodiesel station with Oregon Recycled Fuel."

Phoenix Organics offers organic compost by the yard, with a variety of garden amendments and fertilizers.

"Organic fertilizers ensure that the farms remain fertile for hundreds of years," Israel said. "With the increased usage of chemical fertilizers, land is rapidly become infertile forcing many farmers to further increase the chemical fertilizer inputs or leave farming."

For more information, the phone number is 541-535-1134.

Acupuncture with Jody Herriott

When in comes to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Jody Herriott has been practicing her craft for the last twelve years, graduating from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM, in 2000. Right after graduation, she and her husband moved to Ashland.

"I attended undergraduate school at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington," Jody said. "I grew up in New Jersey and Kabul, Afghanistan, where my father taught engineering at the university. Before becoming an acupuncturist, I studied Qigong at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I also studied NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique), which I learned after dealing with my son's allergies."

Jody's practice is very patient-oriented. "I want you to feel comfortable and cared for, and to get better," she said. "I have a very gentle needle technique and often use non-needle methods for children and those who prefer it. My treatment tables include a vibro-acoustic sound system which allows music to vibrate through your body as you lie with the needles during treatment. Most people find it very relaxing and a nice addition to the acupuncture."

Jody treats a variety of conditions, including pain, digestion, insomnia, fatigue, and more, including allergy treatment with NAET.

"The NAET technique actually changes how your system looks at pollens, B vitamins, or any other sensitivity/allergy," Jody said. "Your body will be able to view these things appropriately. You will be able to get appropriate nutrition from your food and enjoy the outdoors without misery."

In addition to Chinese herb products, she also sells Nature's Extreme Mineral (zeolite), ReLiv supplements, and Choffy (a coffee substitute made from chocolate).

"My husband and I have also developed and taught energy medicine techniques in the past ten years for Quantum-Touch, and now through our own company, The Wonder Method," Jody said.

For more info, call 541-621-3378.