Awna Zegzdryn Invites You to Sweet Beet Station in Talent

March 2020

Countryside Village RetirementMany of you may know Awna Zegzdryn from AZ Catering & Event Planning, but in 2016, she also opened her own restaurant, Sweet Beet Station at 100 East Main in Talent.

“Catering is hard work, and I craved consistency,” Awan said. “In August of 2016, I had gone on a rafting trip on the Upper Klamath with some good friends. During the lunch break, completely drenched and having a fabulous afternoon, Clea Arthur (who now co-owns Simple Machine Winery in Talent) asked me if I’d ever been interested in owning a restaurant, and my resounding answer was YES. She had opened a small cafe in Talent called Cantina Vida and was looking to sell it. I jumped at the chance. By December I had secured financing and signed a lease, and we opened the doors January 4, 2017. It has been a crazy whirlwind ever since. It turns out that owning a restaurant is also very, very hard work.”

Awna moved to Ashland from Alaska in the fall of 1998 to attend SOU. She loved it here and decided to make Southern Oregon her home. She moved to Talent in 2010 to build her own commercial catering facility.

“I’ve always been obsessed with food,” she said. “When prompted, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ my answer was always ‘Own a restaurant!’ After college, I was very lucky to get a job as a Chef at Otter Bar Lodge in Northern California, where I worked for five seasons, moving back to Ashland each winter to ski. In 2008, I started AZ Catering & Event Planning.”

Sweet Beet Station has a small interior dining room but lots of outdoor dining space, right along the train tracks. The building itself is a charming replica of the original Depot Building that stood in that same spot in 1910 (though the current building was built in 2005).

“Because of its small space, we have very little room to prep food on site,” Awna said. “All of the food for the restaurant is prepped off site at our licensed commercial kitchen. The menu features made-from-scratch breakfast/lunch and brunch, offering espresso, beer, wine & cocktails (think the BEST Bloody Mary you have ever had, ever).”

The restaurant is open weekdays from 7am-4pm and weekends from 8am-3pm.

“Clients can expect delicious food and generous portions, made with high quality ingredients and served with beautiful presentation,” Awna said. “Due to our extremely small size, we have opted to be a counter-service restaurant which means that guests order at the counter, but we do the rest. Our menu changes lightly each month, though there are some Sweet Beet favorites that stay all the time.”

The phone number is 541-897-4447. A website is in the works, but you can see them on Facebook.