October 2023

BennettFit365When it comes to staying fit (and healthy), there a number of key ingredients: nutrition, reducing stress, sleep … and exercise. At Bennettfit365, which opened in 2020 in Ashland at 1154 Oak Street, owner Tyler Bennett, with eleven years of experience in personal training and nutrition coaching, is there for you.

“I grew up in Ashland and lived here most of my life,” Tyler said. “The majority of my family and friends are here as well, and I have a love for the community and area. I have always been an active person and enjoyed moving my body daily. Once I found a weight room, I transformed my physique drastically and fell in love with health and wellness. Once I saw the results I could achieve, it made me think about what I can do for others and how many lives I can change. My passion is making a difference for the better in as many different people as possible.”

Bennettfit365 concentrates on personal train-ing and nutrition coaching.

“We help develop and execute exercise routines tailored to each individual’s goals and needs,” Tyler said. “We also provide nutritional information and take an approach that looks at lifestyle changes. People can expect to get results while having a good time and truly making a transformation. We are professional, polite, approachable, educated and passionate about helping be a part of your journey.”

Tyler’s wife is also a trainer, and the couple have three children. Tyler also has 10+ nationally accredited certifications.

“I enjoy family time, anything outdoors, holiday seasons in the community, and growing, whether it be reading, seminars, or continuing education,” he said.

In addition to personalized training programs, which are then paired with 1-2 solo workouts to keep up the momentum, the club offers a “Health & Wellness Email Subscription.”

“Discover a happier, healthier lifestyle through our exclusive health and wellness educational emails,” Tyler said. “You can join our vibrant community and unlock expert advice, practical tips, workouts, nutritious recipes, and more. Embrace positive change and start your journey today.” For information on the email subscription and all of the training programs available at the club, go to

“A lot goes into making healthy changes for your life,” Tyler said. “Your trainer has the experience and knowledge to guide you in achieving your health lifestyle goals. Between life and work, staying in good health can feel like a part-time job. Every year there’s a new fad diet or magic workout regimen. Stay away from the ‘turn and burn’ and stay on the path. Whether it’s at your favorite gym, your garage, or the local track, we want to make training as easy as possible for you.”

For more info, call 541-499-3996.