Celebrating 81 Years in Ashland at Reindholdt & O’Harra Insurance

March 2020

Countryside Village RetirementDog bites. Dog bites? Theft. Vandalism. Fire. Floods. Pestilence. Well, maybe not pestilence. But unplanned events like these—and more—happen to people every day. Life has a way of throwing curve balls. And one way to be prepared is to insure yourself for them.

Greg White and Allison Ward, owners of Reinholdt & O’Harra (R&O) Insurance (1756 Ashland Street in Ashland), have helped ease the way through life’s surprises—big and small—for countless customers in this region.

The company, which started in 1939 in downtown Ashland, is one of Ashland’s oldest locally owned and operated businesses. Greg owned and operated an Allstate agency in Ashland and sold it back to Allstate in 2001 to come to R&O as an owner. A lifelong resident of Ashland, he lives here with his wife, Llona, and family.

Allison became a partner in the agency in 2010, and she and her husband, Matt, live in Central Point with their children.

Both emphasize that R&O is an independent insurance agency, which means they and their agents are able to find clients the best insurance coverage at the best cost, whether it’s for home, auto, life, health, or business needs.

“We are not captive to only one insurance company, and we have the ability to find our clients the best coverage for the least amount of premium,” Greg says. “Insurance is a necessary ‘evil’ in this world, and we want to make it as painless as possible.”

Allison adds that being a local agency makes them easily accessible when clients need help. “We make it a point to always answer the phone and respond to quote requests within 24 hours,” she said. “Our team of agents are knowledgeable and take the time to make sure clients get the coverage and service they deserve.”

Both Greg and Allison are especially proud of their staff. “We have a number of great agents working at R&O,” Greg said. “Ron Morris and Lindsay Gerken are Medicare specialists. Sheeter Ramirez is a master of all things insurance related, and our newest addition, Zeph Robertson, is writing a ton of home and auto insurance policies. Fun fact: Zeph’s wife Kari is the granddaughter of Bob Reinholdt, one of the original owners.”

So next time you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about life’s curve balls, or if your circumstances have changed and it’s time to re-think your coverage, or even if you’ve just been wondering if you’re paying too much in premiums, stop by R&O, or give them a call.

“We’re happy to do a review of your current policies and shop your insurance for you … at absolutely no obligation,” says Allison.

For more information, call 541-482-1921. You can also see them at reinholdtins.com and on Facebook.