Children’s Store Opens in Downtown Ashland

January 2023

Forever Young AshlandWith the demise of Bug a Boo, Elizabeth and James Duffy have stepped in to fill the void with their new downtown store Forever Young Ashland, located at 252 E. Main (where Travel Essentials used to be), which opened on November 16th. They have stocked children’s clothing, shoes and boots, plus socks, tights, waterproof gear, outdoor toys, indoor toys, action figures, Waldorf toys, baby toys and accessories, arts and crafts supplies, games, trucks, and more.

The Duffys have lived in Ashland for five years, moving from L.A. “We knew Ashland would be better for our children, and we will never go back,” Elizabeth said. “We love our life here. I was working in tech and feeling completely uninspired by my job. I wanted to do work my kids would be proud of and could enjoy alongside us. James owns a small business making and selling miniatures to toy collectors. He has a passion for toys, and this is a dream job for him. We are excited to offer a store that provides for the needs and wants of local families. We are lucky to have pointed perspective on what that community needs thanks to our amazing daughters (7 and 3), and our son who is due to join us at the end of January.”

Forever Young is a children’s clothing and shoe store, and a toy store for all ages. “You can find something for everyone here, including toys that encourage open-ended imaginative play, Waldorf toys, mainstream toys, classic toys, and even collectibles,” Elizabeth said. “We prioritize apparel and shoes that remove obstacles for play, with the needs of outdoor-focused Oregon children in mind.”

Customers at Forever Young can expect a warm welcome, a playhouse for littles to be comfortable, safe, and entertained while parents shop, and overall a safe community space for the families of Ashland.

“We want you to come visit and stay a while,” Elizabeth said. “We welcome the happy, the crying, the full-force tantrum, whatever is on your plate. We are parents and we know how it is! Our unique playhouse area is ready for play and we are working on fun additions to it as we grow. You may find something new or fun each time you visit.”

The Duffys are happy to be a part of the Ashland retail community. “We appreciate every customer we have met so far and every warm welcome we have received,” Elizabeth said. “We hope to fill a need that we see in Ashland for a curated selection of toys and clothing, and to create a space where parents are comfortable and happy. We are open to suggestions for brands to add to the store … just let us know.”

For more info, the phone number is 541-708-0451. You can also see them at and on Facebook/Instagram.