Ensure Your Financial Future with Ashland Investment Services

October 2019

Countryside Village RetirementIf you are looking to protect and grow your personal wealth, or concerned about ensuring the financial security of your company, take a look at Ashland Investment Services, with an office at 525 A Street, Suite 2.

Started by Carolyn Federico and Larry Hayes, Ashland Investment Services has provided experienced, prudent, successful investment and financial management strategies to area businesses and individuals since February 2000.

Carolyn and Larry are natives of the Pacific Northwest and long-time residents of Ashland. Larry has been in the financial service business since 1980; he and Carolyn have decades of combined experience in the brokerage business. Carolyn manages Ashland Investment Services’ office operations and administrative matters. Larry is the Investment Consultant, responsible for planning, review and investment allocation decisions.

“We offer important advantages in helping our clients work toward their goal,” Larry said. “Although we are a completely autonomous business, we are supported by the largest independent broker/dealer network in the country. We offer all the resources of a major Wall Street firm to our clients without the conflicts of interest inherent in those firms.”

Larry is proud of having successfully guided clients through some challenging financial times, including what he terms, “…the 1982 slump (DOW under 800!), the 1987 crash, the 1990 Gulf War, and the ‘tech wreck’ of 2000. This seasoning, which can only come with time, brings perspective to investment decisions.”

Carolyn adds that they never assume a “one size fits all” solution. “Every one of our clients is unique and requires a tailor-made plan to manage their goals,” she said. “Together, we create that plan and monitor it regularly to assess we are on track.”

They also work to take the confusion out of financial planning. “Our clients receive prompt, clear, competent solutions to their investment issues,” she said. “Our goal is to keep clients so satisfied with our service that they continue to recommend us to others.”

Working to help ensure the success of local families and businesses is what makes their business so special, say Carolyn and Larry. “We really enjoy Ashland and plan to stay here for the rest of our lives,” Larry said. “Running into our clients at the movie or grocery store is something we really love about our small town life.”

For more info, call 541-201-0929. The webpage is ashlandinvestments.com.