March 2021

Rogue ProduceIt has been a long and winding road for Adam and Stephanie Holtey, owners of Rogue Produce, an Online Farmers Market with direct home delivery that began in 2013.

Adam grew up in Ashland and graduated AHS in 1998. He spent some time in Eugene and Portland, and he and Stephanie met in Central Point in 2008 when he returned to the valley. She was working in the Public Works Department in Central Point, where he opened a Tai-Chi studio, which has since moved to Ashland and has now blossomed into a Holistic Health Center: Community Acupuncture and Natural Health.

“Rogue Produce grew out of a business I started in 2011, Community Compost,” Adam said. “I was looking for more gainful employment at that time and was aware that Southern Oregon had no residential food-scrap pick-up service such as I had heard of operating in Portland and other large Northwest cities. Community Compost was successful from the beginning and continues to serve our region under the umbrella of Rogue Produce.”

The Community Compost program basically picks up food scraps from households and gives the scraps to local farms to utilize in replenishing nutrients in their soil.

“I had several conversations with one farmer in particular, Jonathan Ash, who regularly commented on the lack of markets available to local farmers,” Adam said. “Together we came up with the idea of a Mini CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), with direct home delivery. Our first operation gave each customer a weekly delivery containing approximately $25 worth of the finest local produce we could find. Over the years, customers have requested more customizing capacity and always have ideas for additional products to add to our list. The motivation for creating Rogue Produce was simple—to increase the consumption of local, sustainably grown local foods and food products.”

Rogue Produce now operates an Online Farmers Market with weekly home delivery, from Ashland to Grants Pass and from Jacksonville to Eagle Point.

“We source our products locally to the greatest degree possible and never compromise on quality,” Adam said. “You can shop at our website and view all of our products and see what farms we source from every week. You can order any products you like from our site by Sunday evening at 7pm each week and we deliver them to your door the following Friday. We’re always excited to hear from new local farms that would like us to offer their produce for sale at our Market, and we’re always happy to serve new customers! We deliver year round, and you only order when you want to. There are no commitments necessary.”

And, Adam said, don’t forget about their Community Compost service. “Most people set out a 5-gallon bucket every week full of banana peels, apple cores, bread, coffee grounds, etc.—practically any food product that isn’t meat or fish—and we take the contents to a local farm to be composted and returned to the soil to grow more delicious local produce.”

For more info, call 541-301-3426 or visit and on Facebook.