Guiding You Through the Mortgage Process at Caliber Home Loans

September 2018

Caliber Home LoansHelping people pursue the American Dream is the whole focus of Caliber Home Loans, located at 146 Clear Creek Drive, Suite 101 (and soon to come to the Northgate Market Place Retail Center in Medford). Branch manager Michael Sallee and his wife Jennifer are both mortgage loan originators and have been in the mortgage business since 1997. They have been at their current location with Caliber since August 2017.

“We both went to SOSC in the early 1990s, and that is when we met,” Jennifer said. “After graduating we moved to our home city of Portland but could not wait to get back to the Rogue Valley. In 1997 we moved back and started in the mortgage business. We bought a house the following year and started our family.”
At that time Michael was looking to do something different and more challenging.

“When I decided to change my career in 1997 I wanted to do something that helped people,” he said. “I looked at many different opportunities and chose mortgage where I have the opportunity to help individuals and families with a variety of backgrounds and a diversity of economic levels. I love helping first-time buyers in the rural areas of Oregon, California, and Washington, as well as helping millionaires fi-nance their custom homes. After 21 years this has come to be true: The American Dream is a beautiful thing!”

At Caliber, they help home buyers and current homeowners find the best financing options to fit both their short and long-term goals.

“We focus on purchase loans and team up with real estate agents to provide a high touch and high tech experience,” Michael said. “Post-recession, the process is not a simple one and that is why a local expert is so important. We strongly believe in getting the boring details of the loan process out of the way up front. That way when it comes time to write the offer and negotiate the purchase, the cumbersome details are taken care of and you can focus on the excitement of the transaction.”

According to Michael, there are four main components to a home loan: assets (funds for down payment and closing costs), income, credit and property. “We can get all but the property piece upfront,” he said. “This does two things. One, there is less to worry about when you are making the offer and negotiating the sale. And two, it gives you confidence in knowing for sure that you are fully approved. Caliber is willing to put in the time and resources on a loan file even when there is not yet a specific property identified.”

For more information, the phone number is 541-708-7800. Webpage: And you can see them on Facebook. They also have an app where individuals can apply, upload documents, and check the status of their current loan in progress, as well as make payments once their loan is closed. Search the app store for Caliber Home Loans.