Intuitive Healing with Jane Andrianova

march 2020

Countryside Village RetirementFor intuitive healer Jane Andrianova of Violet Flame Healing and Guidance, her experience with something called a twin flame experience led to a long road to self-discovery. That road led to a career offering intuitive, hands-on energy healing, sound healing and spiritual guidance.

“I have been intuitive my whole life and have always had psychic abilities,” said Jane, who grew up in Moscow, Russia, and lived in Chicago for the last twenty years. “I had my awakening back in 2015 and realized I had a bigger purpose here. I started questioning my life and everything I’ve done for all those years. I began taking as many spiritual classes/workshops as I could find as I was searching for answers. Things finally started making sense and why my life had to be the way it was, why I had to go through certain experiences and struggles.”

Jane completed her reiki master certification and worked with several teachers who helped develop her gifts.

“I started to attend reiki shares and healing circles and offered my healing services for free quite often,” she said. “Then in 2018 I knew it was time to open my spiritual practice. I was doing that on the side while having a full-time corporate job until I moved to Ashland.”

Jane knows all the ins and outs of a healthy sacred connection with one’s partner and how to maintain that connection for many years without triggering each other.

“I also provide sacred relationship guidance to help people move through the challenges that may come up in the relationships,” she said. “I love working with people and helping my clients. I am always filled with joy when I see people’s lives transform and a smile on my clients’ face after each session. I try to engage in a conversation with people who are struggling with things in their lives and give them tips to take home.”

Sessions with Jane combine intuitive guidance with energy work, light language and sound healing.
“This healing work assists with life challenges, including emotional struggles, stress, depression and anxiety,” Jane said. “Through hands-on energy work, I remove blockages and balance the chakras, thus creating more peace and balance in the body. Sessions will assist in discovering your true self and joy for life again.”

Jane has created her own modality combining energy work with her psychic abilities. “It really helps people to get those two things in one session,” she said. “I speak the light language, which is a channeled language that is being transmitted from heart to heart. I use this in my healing sessions quite often. I also use it in nature as I do a lot of healing work with the earth. I help people to connect with nature again.”

Jane offers free 15-minute consultations. To set up an appointment, call 224-730-1364. Her office is located in the Historic Ashland Armory (208 Oak Street). A website is currently in the works, and you can follow her on Facebook.