Keeping Internet Service Local with Ashland Home Net

December 2020

Countryside Village RetirementWhen it comes to internet service, Dena Matthews and Jim Teece, owners of Ashland Home Net, are determined to keep it local.

“As giant corporations take over all of the internet service and everything that runs on it, it surprises many people who move to Ashland to learn that Ashland Home Net is a locally owned and operated ‘mom and pop’ shop that is innovative, caring and not afraid to take on the giants to make sure that Ashland has a choice,” Jim said.

Ashland Home Net is a company that resells service. It currently resells high speed internet service in Ashland via Ashland Fiber Network (AFN). It also resells cable TV service and internet phone service.
“We provide the service at a discount to the customer and provide the technical support to help customers get the most out of the service,” Jim said. “Ashland Home Net will also orchestrate on-site support by our vendors on behalf of our clients. Sometimes a service call requires a truck roll, and Ashland Home Net schedules that with AFN or other providers as needed.”

Dena and Jim moved to Ashland in 1992 from Arizona to raise a family and grow their business. They founded Project A, a software company that writes custom software and e-commerce websites for hundreds of clients around the world. Jim is also an innovator and created a channel to show YouTube videos on cable TV that were made by the community about Ashland and put the service on Ashland Home Net’s Cable TV service through the then owner Gary Nelson.

After successfully launching the channel, Gary announced he was retiring and looking to sell Ashland Home Net. Jim and Dena purchased the company to keep it local and dedicated to growing the Ashland Fiber Network. Since taking over Ashland Home Net, they have grown by merging in customers from Infostructure, Open Door and JEFFNET.

“We work hard to keep most of the money local,” Dena said. “Cable TV is the only service we resell that is not local, except for the local channels.”

Customers of Ashland Home Net can expect high tech, high touch levels of customer care and support. The company will continue to be the largest reseller of the Ashland Fiber Network service, and they work with the City to continue to upgrade and provide faster and better service to the community. Customers can also expect that most of the money charged by Ashland Home Net stays local and that the company is totally involved with the community.

Dena and Jim have a son and daughter who were raised in Ashland and still live in Oregon. Their daughter recently gave birth to their first grandson, PJ, during COVID.

Jim is also a partner in a local company called Art Authority, which runs the eCommerce site It sells licensed, approved high quality art reproductions from Museums around the world and they are handcrafted in Ashland. Project A recently won an award (national top 10) for its eCommerce work.

For more info, call 541-488-9207 or go to AshlandHome.Net. You can also like them on Facebook.