Leading Visionaries to Speak at the Architects of the New Paradigm Conference

February 2017

Architects of the New ParadigmThe third annual “Architects of the New Paradigm Conference” (ANP conference) will take place at the Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites the weekend of March 25-26. The 2017 conference theme is “Today’s Truths - Tomorrow’s Opportunities for Change.” Attendees will experience two days of learning, networking and inspiration while exploring solutions to some of the most timely and pressing issues facing our planet.

Julie Drabik, event coordinator, describes the conference as “bringing together experts on a variety of topics who will not only describe the challenges facing us, but work with participants on creative, alternative ways to approach those challenges and to find solutions.”
Topics will include the environment; whistleblowers; quantum physics; worldview theory; social harmony; economics; vaccine safety; media propaganda; and more.

Presenters this year are Dr. Mary J. Ruwart, John Perkins, attorney Daniel Sheehan, Dr. Jennifer Margulis, Thrive Movement co-founder Foster Gamble and scientist Nassim Haramein, with emcees Joel Garbon and Will Wilkinson. More information about the presenters and their topics can be found at anpconference.com. Vendor table info and a short promo video are also available at the website.

The ANP Conference Series is produced by RVML Community Resource Center, a 501c3 non-profit lending library and events organizer in Ashland for the past 15 years. RVML’s founder and lead organizer for the ANP Conference Series is Jordan Pease.

“The Conference Series is an extension of RVML’s mission of providing easy access to information that inspires, heals and transforms,” Jordan said. “Our presenters are chosen for both their expertise and presentation skills. The first day features compelling lectures by the presenters, and the day-two intensive sessions are designed to engage the audience, enabling a co-creation of new ideas and solutions.”
The 2017 Presenters:

  • Dr. Mary Ruwart, author of Healing Our World. “How We Learned the Secret of Peace and Plenty in Childhood and Then Promptly Forgot It!”
  • John Perkins, author of New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. “A Call to Transform Turmoil into A New Economy.”
  • Daniel Sheehan, J.D., director of The New Paradigm Institute: “The Architecture of Human Worldviews:  Insights and Strategies for Understanding Each Other in an Increasingly Polarized World.”
  • Dr. Jennifer Margulis, author of The Vaccine Friendly Plan. “What if Our Medical Advances Are Also Our Worst Mistakes? Vaccines, Antibiotics, Hygiene and a New Paradigm for Sustainable Health.”
  • Foster Gamble, co-creator of Thrive Movement and the movie Thrive: “The Freedom Solution: What’s Missing in the New Paradigm; An Update on Practical Breakthroughs from the Thrive Movement.”
  • Nassim Haramein, scientist and co-creator of the movie Connected Universe. “Learning to See Our World Differently Through Cutting-Edge Science.”