Market Street CBD & Wellness in Medford

August 2019

Countryside Village RetirementStacy Page and his wife, Meredith, have created a professional cannabis business complex located at 633 Market Street in Medford. Their 9,000 sq. ft. building houses a dispensary, Market Street Wellness, and a CBD store, Market Street CBD. The CBD store does not sell anything that contains more than 0.3 percent THC. In addition to these two stores, the building also has two commercial kitchens. One kitchen is used for cannabis-infused cooking classes and is also rented by the hour to businesses that need a licensed commercial kitchen for the production of various hemp products; the second kitchen is leased by a company that makes THC edibles.

“I could see on the horizon the need for space that could accommodate complementary cannabis-based businesses and I wanted to be ready when the demand presented itself,” said Page.
The cannabis complex also houses Page’s kief processing company, “Ennovators.” The couple’s ambitious plans also call for opening the Market Street Hemporium that will not only sell CBD products but position their project as a turn-key business model that other business owners can follow.

With everything centralized under one roof, Page said, “People from all over the country are contacting us for hemp products and to help them set up their stores.”

At 56, Page isn’t a newcomer to the hemp industry. More than a decade ago, while others were focused on THC, he had his eye on the benefits of the cannabinoid CBD, convinced it held substantial health benefits for people suffering from a myriad of medical conditions. That’s when he started growing CBD, or hemp.

“We grow the best hemp in the country in Southern Oregon,” said Page. “We have the climate for it, and almost all of it is organic because our growers know it’s going to be medicine.”

In 2013, Page invented his first kief extracting machine, the Grasshopper, and formed his company. The Grasshopper turns a pound of trim into kief in five minutes. At that point people weren’t using as much kief as they are today, but Page saw a growing demand on the horizon.

“A lot of cannabis farmers have been struggling to make a profit and CBD hemp opened up another venue for sales,” he said. “It’s an exploding industry right now. The market is all about scaling up, especially with CBD, so larger volumes of product are required.”

With the growing demand for larger and larger quantities of kief, Page next invented the Locust, a commercial grade extractor that grinds flower into a millimeter-size product and drops it through three ultrasonic vibrating screens of different mesh sizes. The resulting kief is then discharged into bags, one for each mesh size.

“It rains kief!” he said. “This machine will process over 400 pounds of trim a day.”

Page’s focus is on maximizing productivity, and he’s always analyzing data and looking for new solutions for the CBD industry.

Companies around Oregon are bringing their biomass to Page to turn it into kief for processing into oil. To improve the process, “Ennovators” has added a machine that turns the kief into pellets, concentrated with trichomes that are more reliable and stable for transportation.

One of the tenants in the complex is ABC Distribution, a distribution and processing company that focuses on hemp. CEO Mike Kirkwood said, “We’re big fans of what Stacy is doing. He’s helping a lot of folks. He’s got a good vibe there with some pretty cool companies that are doing product development, which is great for Southern Oregon.”

Page also gives free monthly lectures in Medford and Ashland, which often include guest lecturers from the medical community. As a long-time advocate of CBD for medical uses, Page is dedicated to educating the public about its benefits.

“Many people have no idea what CBD is,” he said. “They may have heard about it on the news but they don’t know how it affects the body. It’s not always about purchasing the cheapest product; I want to educate them not only about what CBD is, but the importance of quality and the best source of the product for their health.”