Master Neurolinguistics Practitioner Renée Miereanu

December 2020

Countryside Village RetirementRenée Miereanu, a Master Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner and a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, will be celebrating her 12th year in Ashland in 2020. Her history in the field is long and varied.
“I was born on the East Coast, grew up in Texas, then moved to Los Angeles and mothered three children,” Renée said. “I studied at California Lutheran College for a two-year course in Erickson Hypnotherapy combined with advanced Neuro-Linguistics. Many of the students in this course were medical professionals, clergy and psychotherapists. In 1982 I was nationally certified with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners as a Master Hypnotherapist and still am today. I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and founded The Breathe Center in 1982. After that, it was 14 years in Seattle before moving to Ashland in 2009.”

Renée’s focus is on self-hypnosis training, self-esteem enhancement, stress management, 12-Step support, weight control, and women’s as well as men’s issues.

Other methods include the use of Interactive Guided Imagery, insomnia prevention, behavioral modification, Advanced Ericsonian Hypnosis, Inner-Parts Dialogue, sports performance, couple’s counseling, fears and regrets, cognitive and transpersonal techniques and much, much more.

“NLP is a far advanced and sophisticated form of Hypnotherapy,” Renée said. “I create personalized counseling with custom approaches for each individual client to transform their problems into strengths. In addition to Neuro-Linguistics and Advanced Hypnotherapy, I’m also a Happiness Coach. Happiness is actually connected to Mindfulness. Anyone with whom this resonates is welcome to call and schedule your first private appointment. If this philosophy interests you, I’d love to work with you and explore our lives in many ways. I will assist you in knowing how to practice being unreasonably happy in your now, one moment at a time.”

Part of Renée’s expertise is in writing three programs creating the successful tobacco cessation method Breathe®© that assists people to easily stop smoking and using chew tobacco.
While in Seattle, she volunteered in a full-security prison for 11 years.

“I began my 5-year facilitation of a two-day group Gestalt Seminar entitled Love and Forgiveness,” Renée said. “This seminar was done in a circle with inmates and their families: parents, wives or girlfriends, and children (if they were over 18) if they chose to invite them. Under our guidance, we did art and other group exercises. One of our exercises was to help inmates experience their crimes through their victim’s eyes. There were two chairs in the center of the circle where an inmate would sit and experience their crime, in the now moments and then move to the other chair to think about their own victim’s experience. At times, family members would literally do the work with them, or other inmates would play roles for the one in the center. Amazing healings and forgiveness occurred.”

Renée views volunteer work as an important, and necessary, part of her life, and upon arriving in Ashland, she joined a two-month training at Asante Rogue Valley Medical Center as a volunteer chaplain.

She also hosts a show on KSKQ “doing informative interviews with amazing people who share information that is highly pertinent to our community needs, with some music as well.” The show is entitled “Life Matters.”

For more info, the phone number is 541-778-4380 and you can see her at