June 2021

A Refeshed NestThe Second Law of Thermodynamics states that if left to itself, everything tends toward disorder. And I’ll tell ya, Newton would only have to go as far as my office to confirm that that law holds true. One person who could help me out with my personal law of disorder is Katie Z. Hamlyn, the owner of A Refreshed Nest. Her business, which serves both Ashland and Grants Pass, specializes in making order out of chaos.

“A Refreshed Nest offers in-home organizing with an emphasis on clearing, storing, decorating, and staging,” Katie said. “I have experience working with clients refreshing their homes after going through divorce, and also helping those who have become widowed, have gone through a medical trauma, and with clients who are aiding their parents with a move to assisted living. Helping clients through difficult transitions, and watching them reclaim and transform their spaces, is one of my favorite things to do.”

Some jobs can be challenging, but Katie loves the work. “I’m not afraid to get a little dirty,” she said. “I’ve cleaned up dead mice and chased snakes out of workshops. Many people are hesitant to show me their most ‘embarrassing’ spaces. Don’t be. I do not enter homes to judge clients, but to assist them in finding joy in their homes once more. I work with people from all walks of life, including high profile clients, and I value strict confidentiality. My background in the nonprofit sector connected me to many community resources which I sometimes rely on in my current work. I’ve trained in the Bay Area with my mentor who’s been in the business for over 30 years.”

Katie has been an Oregon resident for over 20 years and moved from Portland to Southern Oregon in 2007. After graduating from Oregon State University and working in the nonprofit and legal fields for several years, she decided to follow her heart and open A Refreshed Nest.

“I have always been a naturally organized person,” she said. “As a small child I found pure enjoyment in putting everything in its place. My brother once told me that he would come into my room just to enjoy the serenity of it. The business represents the intersection between my passion and my talents. I find great pleasure in helping my clients find happiness and tranquility in their homes and personal spaces. My favorite phrase to hear is ‘I was looking for that!’ Tackling our own messes can be exhausting and even paralyzing. That’s why having a neutral third party establish a bit more coherence and order can really help.”

Katie can be reached at 541-441-3268 and at You can also see her on Facebook.