Putting Your Dreams to Work for You

June 2019

DreambridgeScience tells us that we all dream, even if we don’t remember our dreams. But why do we dream? And what do our dreams mean?

There are many theories, and much is unknown. But Angel Morgan, PhD, is certain that exploring, understanding and sharing our dreams is a powerful way to feed our growth and creativity. She launched her company, Dreambridge, as a way to help people “build a bridge between their dreams and their waking lives.”

Angel is an experienced “lucid dreamer,” someone who is aware she is dreaming and can even control her dreams. She began exploring her dreams when she was just four years old, with the help of her father, a psychologist, and tools from Kilton Stewart’s “Senoi Dream Theory.”

The Senoi are a Malaysian people studied by Stewart. As a teen and young adult, Angel furthered her dream learning by working with Apache-Pueblo shaman Eduardo Duran and Clara Stewart Flagg.

Her life took many creative turns, including graduate studies that led to becoming an artist and filmmaker, and a Waldorf School teacher. After moving to Ashland in 2006 to raise her two children, Angel completed her doctoral studies and launched Dreambridge. Through Dreambridge, she combines an in-depth knowledge of dreaming with her artistic training and talent to help people of all ages and walks of life understand and use their dreams for creative purposes.

“I developed the Dreambridge Dream-Arts curriculum because when people physically gather to share dream experiences through creative expressions in community, exciting breakthroughs occur both personally and collectively, and it is incredibly healing for them,” she says. “In my experience, one of the best ways to bridge the benefits of dreamwork into our waking-life-world is through creative expression and the arts.”

Angel’s clients range from artists seeking to explore dreams for creative inspiration, to therapists looking to help clients, and individuals who simply want to better understand their dreams.

Consultations are conducted at her office in Ashland, or by phone, email, Zoom, or Skype. Locations for workshops, classes, seminars and courses in Ashland will depend on the class you choose and the number in your group.
Ultimately, Angel’s “dream” is to find a physical home for Dreambridge (see thedreambridge.com/architectural-vision for details). “Soon after I started my doctoral research, I dream-bridged a model for an architectural structure that is tailor made for this work.”

Angel will host a “Theater, Dreams & Art” workshop on Fri-Sat-Sun, May 31st to June 2, at Hidden Springs Wellness Center in Ashland. The program includes OSF’s Macbeth and Alice in Wonderland, plus a local dream artist symposium. For more info or to register online, go to www.asdreams.org/regionals/2019-ashland/. Angel’s website for dream consultations and more is thedreambridge.com. You can also see her on Facebook.