May 2021

Osteopathic HealthcareWhen Patie Millen moved to Ashland in September 1989 with her 5-year-old daughter Rachael, she had no plans to become a Realtor. That would soon change and it was a wise decision, as her office, The Patie Millen Group, has turned out to be quite successful.

“We had been living in Petaluma, and my husband Phil got very ill with cancer and after a year passed away,” Patie said. “It had been a brutal year, and I needed a fresh start. My plan was to visit five towns but the first one we visited was Ashland, and we fell in love. We bought our home the first day we visited and moved in five days before Rachael started kindergarten. It was one of my greatest and most beneficial decisions for our lives. I remember attending a seminar right after I moved here and the leaders were discussing how you could create your reality by journaling and how they had journaled for ten years about moving to Ashland and had finally accomplished it. I thought, well I certainly mastered that and left the seminar after that intro, LOL.”

And then came the real estate gig. “I decided to become a Realtor as I had always had fantastic experiences in selling my own homes and thought I might be good at it as a profession,” she said. “I had previously been a financial controller and VP for a San Francisco small corporation. I knew accounting, had run other businesses, had co-owned a graphics house in San Francisco, and felt the business and numbers side blended with my marketing experience and would allow me to serve my clients in a whole way. When I started real estate, I found I was really good at it and by my third year I was the top selling agent in Ashland and #2 in the county. My clients became repeat clients, and it took off from there.”

In 1994 she opened her own office at 545 A Street in the Railroad District.

“We are an independent brokerage, and our team of bright, savvy, kind and hard-working people are the best,” Patie said. “We get things done. Our marketing is top notch regardless of the price point. We sell multi-million-dollar estates, ranches, modest starter homes and everything in between. We had a great year in 2020 and are already at 68% of what we sold last year. Over 52% of our business is repeat clients or referrals of friends and family from past clients. That tells me people like what we do for them. The important thing for clients is that we are very responsive and that our team works in unison on your behalf. Instead of hiring one agent, you are hiring a team of six who are experienced professionals who have their systems down and who get results. We charge no more than the single agent; it is an excellent situation for our clients.”

The team members include Martin Huggins, Lori Wetzel, Allie Dickson and Leanne Meissner. Eric Bonetti just joined the brokerage as an independent broker and also assists the team with his skilled experience in development, construction and land use.

“They each bring positive proactive energy,” Patie said. “They are creative in their approach to finding the best strategies to position the client who is bidding on a home or a seller needing to present their home at its very best. We just expanded our business and are renovating an additional suite in our building. I am excited as it is going to be gorgeous. We will be adding additional brokers in an upscale setting that is casual at the same time.” Patie met her husband, and co-owner of the office, Rob Edwards, 18 years ago on “Rob had been a rancher and radio personality and became a broker about ten years ago,” she said. “His assistance allowed me the time and space to create our team to create a fuller client experience and to create a more balanced life for us. It has been very successful, and I am proud of who we are as a company and how we serve our clients.”

For more info, call 541-301-3435. You can also see them at and on Facebook.