November 2021

Rock FitWhen it comes to putting together a fitness program that is fun and effective, Roxanne Camacho-Flynn of Rock Fit Ashland has the credentials and background to get it done. She has been Fitness Director for Ashland Tennis & Fitness, worked as a personal trainer/fitness instructor at both Snap Fitness and the YMCA, was an Ashland High School trainer for the baseball team, a coach for the AHS track team, and started her career as a gymnast and professional cheerleader. She has also worked as a police officer in Honolulu.
Her experience as a certified personal trainer for youth, adults and seniors led her to open Rock Fit in 2012 and last spring began offering Zoom classes along with in-person training. 
“I care about physical and mental health, and I love to teach, motivate, and observe transformation in my clients,” Roxanne said. “I’m interested in helping clients by way of demonstrating correct form, strength building, alignment, and injury prevention.”
Roxanne is the mother of two amazing sons (both athletes, of course) who she raised in Ashland. She was involved in the Ashland schools as a classroom and sports’ volunteer. She loves hiking, baking, reading, and being with family and friends.
The training sessions are high energy and entertaining, designed to keep one motivated and moving. “My classes and trainings are about getting a rock fit workout while also having fun, laughing, and being entertained,” she said. “They are for people of all fitness levels, and I specialize in demonstrating modifications of exercises, as well as teaching functional exercises that apply to activities of daily living. My new Zoom classes are full of all of the above, while clients are in the comfort of their own homes.” 
Roxanne has worked with pregnant women and people with hip, knee, shoulder, or back issues, as well as clients affected by high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, paralysis, or strokes.
“Clients have to be able to laugh at my jokes and have an interest in good form and technique, as well as getting stronger and optimizing their health and well-being and staying injury free so they can enjoy all other aspects of their lives,” she said. “People can come to any or all of the four 1-hour and 15-minute classes every week. There are high and low impact options for all levels.” 
Reviews on Facebook:
“Rock delivers! Laugh your way to fitness and make new friends. Move it or lose it.”
“Roxanne is super fun, high energy, beautiful and professional.”
“Love these classes. No one kicks my butt harder. I only went to half a class yesterday and I’m crazy sore.”
For more information on in-person fitness classes or personal training via Zoom, go to The phone number is 541-621-4038. You can also see them on Facebook and Instagram.