Safeguarding Your Stuff at Mistletoe Self-Storage

September 2018

Mistletoe Self StorageIf you’ve ever watched George Carlin’s routine about our obsession with “stuff,” you’ll understand why storage units are so popular in this country (youtube “George Carlin Stuff” if you want a great laugh).

Here in Ashland, Maddy and Mark DiRienzo opened Mistletoe Road Self-Storage (700 Mistletoe Road) in May of 2007 to meet a growing need.

“Self-storage is not about storing junk,” Maddy said. “Most tenants are in some type of life transition such as a new job, moving to town, a death in the family, a new home or apartment, students coming and going, or a business with extra inventory storage needs. We recognize this can be a stressful time, and our staff is trained to work closely with customers to help them have the smoothest experience possible.”
Mistletoe is a state-of-the-art, high quality storage facility offering a variety of unit sizes, including some that are climate controlled.

“We provide units that are clean, safe, high quality, secure and easily accessible,” Mark said. “We continuously improve and update our buildings and business operations to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the Ashland community. In addition to our retail office onsite, there is a convenient automated kiosk where tenants can rent spaces, buy locks, print leases, and make payments at any hour of the day.”

The DiRienzos moved to Ashland from New York City in June 1998. Mark left a corporate job and Maddy left Christie’s Auction house “to search for a small town with great food, culture, a university, and outdoor recreation,” Maddy said. “We searched for a place to start a family, and Ashland was the perfect fit.”

Owning their business came naturally to the DiRienzos. “We have a variety of business experiences, and designing and developing the self-storage facility and the accompanying Business Park, as well as creating the business marketing and operations came naturally,” Mark said. “Plus, we work very well as a team.”

The adjacent Business Park has been a great addition to the Ashland economy. It consists of modern buildings containing offices, warehouses, production spaces, and retail uses.

“We have multiple start-ups and successful small businesses as tenants,” Mark said. “Many have started small and moved into larger and larger spaces. In one case, we built an entire building for one of our small businesses after several years of growth. We have worked closely with our tenants helping to incubate their success and to provide them flexibility as they grow.”

For more information, call 541-482-3034 or visit and/or You can also see Mistletoe Road Self-Storage on Facebook.