January 2021

Countryside Village RetirementWinter is just around the corner, and the Energy Conservation Specialists at Indoor Airman, Inc. want to make sure your home is operating at optimal efficiency. Owner Jeff Gill (pictured above) has been in the business for over 30 years and wants to make a difference.

“I started out inspecting homes from the understructure to the attic looking for dry rot, rodent damage and moisture concerns,” Jeff said. “Seeing the damage that can happen and the energy loss from damaged duct work and/or missing insulation led to opening Indoor Airman Home Performance and Energy Conservation Specialists.”

Indoor Airman delivers a more comfortable, energy efficient home with improved comfort, better air quality and lower utility bills.

“We start with a no-cost inspection of the home,” Jeff said. “We check the attic and understructure to make sure there is adequate insulation and all HVAC ducts are sealed to industry standards. We offer a checklist for your home to give the homeowner an idea of what is needed, what the cost will be, and what they can expect to save in energy costs by making the upgrades. We are licensed general contractors, so we also do the work.”

Jeff and his key employees are all certified by the Building Performance Institute as energy efficiency professionals.

“We partner with the Energy Trust of Oregon to offer instant incentives for installing insulation, ductless and ducted heating/cooling systems, and windows,” he said. “We offer no-money-down financing you can put right on your Pacific Power bill. We also offer vapor barriers, crawl space clean out and special projects as needed. And we offer yearly maintenance for HVAC customers and free weatherization for mobile and manufactured homes.”

Saving customers money is Jeff’s first priority. “Our company has saved thousands of kilowatt hours over the years with the work we have done here in southern Oregon,” he said. “We are three-star trade allies with the Energy Trust of Oregon and one of the few providing contractors for instant incentives and on bill financing. We also offer special incentives from the Energy Trust for rental properties.”

The professionals at Indoor Airman are level one thermographers with state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras and blower door equipment for testing leakage in the home and HVAC ducts. They offer an energy performance score for the home if needed, and they test existing homes as well as new homes.

“In new homes we check for enough airflow in the home,” Jeff said. “In older homes we try to find and fix any air leaks with air sealing in the attic and crawl space, and in duct sealing.”

For more info and to set up an appointment, call 541-295-3204. You can also see them at and on Facebook.