Wavetonix Wellness Comes to Ashland

August 2019

Countryside Village RetirementIn Ashland, there has always been a wealth of alternative therapies, and just last March Kirra Sirianni introduced Wavetonix Wellness with a soft opening at 270 4th Street. This “acoustic sound wave” therapy is a non-invasive, safe, Class 1 medical device currently holding three U.S. medical patents and FDA approved.

“I was drawn to sound-wave therapy via schooling for laser tattoo removal,” said Kirra, who moved to Ashland in 1999. “It was an ‘accident’ waiting to happen, and I’m so happy it did. I had taken a great fall in the summer of 2016, which brought on sciatica. I was introduced to sound-wave therapy by my instructor, who had been researching the device prior to bringing it into her school. After only my second treatment, I woke up the next day with virtually no sciatica. At that point, I knew which direction I was heading.”

Sound-wave treat-ments consist of sitting in a relaxing recliner for 60 minutes while the body absorbs sound waves from a transducer producing a 630-Hertz frequency.

“The device sends pressured sound waves through a 50-gallon tank of distilled water, stimulating every cell of your body,” Kirra said. “You do not sit in the tank, and there is no dis-robing involved. The tank is in the middle of the room with recliners around it. The only contraindication is pregnancy. This treatment is safe for pacemakers as well as all other electrical body implants.”

According to Kirra, the treatment is amazing for all ages, animals and athletes. It treats everything from neuropathy and arthritis to chronic fatigue, diabetic ulcers, fibromyalgia, migraines, Lupus, Lyme disease, MS, Parkinson’s, sports injuries, wounds, tendonitis, and much more.

“Because the human body consists of up to 73% water, we naturally absorb these waves into our entire body,” Kirra said. “It has been clinically and scientifically proven to enhance mitochondrial cell health, increase circulation, and relax the body by resetting the autonomic nervous system. It also strengthens the lymphatic system by removing fluid from tissues, thereby lowering inflammation and swelling.”

One testimonial: “As a licensed health care professional in Oregon for 30 years, I’m often skeptical of new ‘technologies.’ Well ... skeptic no more! My well-being has been enhanced by the deep state of relaxation I’ve experienced with WaveTonix treatments. Less stress, more calm and alert focus. I am happy to recommend these treatments to clients, family and friends.” —D.F., LMT

For more info and to schedule your first appointment (which is FREE, by the way), call 541-944-4284 or go to wavetonix.com. You can also see them on Facebook.