July 2023

At Home HealthAnyone who has spent time in a hospital or rehabilitation unit always looks forward to the day when they can return to home sweet home. Sometimes, though, the therapy needs to continue and that’s where physical therapist Lori Nissen comes in handy. Her service, At Home Health & Wellness: A Holistic Approach to Vibrant Living, provides in-home physical therapy for those who need to follow up on their rehabilitation.

“I’ve been a physical therapist assistant for 23 years, and the last eight of those have been working in home health,” Lori said. “People receive home health for a variety of reasons, but typically it follows a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF) stay. After leaving the hospital for a surgery or other reasons, or being discharged from an SNF, some people have a continued need for home therapy in order to return to their prior level of physical function.”
Home physical therapy includes a variety of exercises to improve balance, strength, endurance and flexibility.

“Gaining these qualities allows people to return to activities of caring for themselves, their home, and to continue driving and being independent,” Lori said. “Home health also provides other disciplines such as nursing or occupational therapy.”

Lori, who moved to Grants Pass in 2019 from the Bay Area to be closer to her parents, began her career working in out-patient facilities.

“I quickly moved to the hospital setting, where I worked in the out-patient department and also with those admitted to the hospital,” she said. “I have experience in acute skilled settings, ICU, Skilled Nursing Facilities, outpatient therapy and Home Health. Although I have enjoyed each of these branches of therapy, the Home Health setting has been my place to shine. Anyone who needs this service is welcome to have me come over. They don’t need to be discharged from a home health agency to hire me. I like to think of my service as an ‘old-fashioned house call.’ ”

Mobility is important to every rehabilitation, and doing it in the comfort of one’s home or neighborhood can be a great motivation. “When people move, the result is that they get stronger, confidence improves, brain function improves, and people begin to get into the swing of life again. Having therapy in one’s home can be very soothing.”

Lori started “At Home Health & Wellness” to “help people gain strength, balance, endurance, confidence and success with their health, mobility and function.

“I’ve also been effective at teaching people a variety of deep breathing exercises,” she said. “They have gained endurance with lung capacity and therefore an improved quality of life. I also provide menu planning and/or meal preparation for people. Someone may need a spark of motivation for eating healthfully or trying something new or different. This business is unique in that it is a multi-faceted approach to wholeness. By addressing nutritional needs along with physical mobility, the individual is set up for success.”

Lori believes it is of utmost importance that people remain in their own homes as long as they possibly can. “If my intervention of helping people remain strong, capable and eating healthy food accomplishes that goal, then my mission has been accomplished,” she said.

For more information, Lori’s phone number is 541-295-5004. You can also see her on Facebook.