January 2021

The Living BluDid you know that within three minutes of being exposed to UV-B light, not only are all viruses and bacteria on all surfaces neutralized but the average person also synthesizes 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D? Good to know in the age of Covid, right?

It is that same technology that is being utilized at The Living Blu, a new business that opened in Grants Pass last year at 1607 Williams Highway, Suite 5. Co-owners Stephen and Quchyal Williams and Ashley Gabbert (photo above; Ashley on left) are excited about bringing this technology to Grants Pass.

“I have always been intrigued by alternative (ancient) medicine and modalities to heal the mind and body,” said Ashley, who was born and raised in the Rogue Valley. “Meeting Quchyal in my young teen years inspired me to become a massage therapist. We would attend continuing education events together, which was where we first heard about Blu Room technology. I remember turning to her and saying ‘We have to open one of these in our town!’ Within five years all the ingredients of that dream fell into place to make it a reality.”

Quchyal arrived in the Rogue Valley in 1971 from Palo Alto, where her father was a physicist for Lockheed Martin and instilled an awareness of light frequencies unseen to the naked eye. This developed into a lifelong study of quantum physics.

“As a long-standing medical massage therapist in GP for 27 years, it was common practice for me to solicit knowledge and experience with advanced tools for healing trauma and injury,” she said. “After experiencing my own amazing recovery in a simple UVB session, I knew I wanted to bring this incredible healing tool to the valley.”

Stephen came to the valley in 1973 from So Cal desiring to buy a farm. He owned and operated a wholesale nursery called Williams Tree Farm for 30 years and recently retired. He has always had a lifelong interest in health and specifically natural methods to achieve it.

“We use cutting edge technology by applying ultraviolet B narrowband light and specific frequency in an insulated environment that brings the mind into stasis,” Ashley said. “It creates a state of wholeness that then can permeate the rest of the body, shifting us out of the normal day-to-day experience and into our greater potentials. For many years Dermatologists have utilized the same light for treating specific areas. The Blu Room benefits the whole body and brain simultaneously.”
Quchyal agreed. “This cutting edge technology is as personal and unique to each individual that utilizes it,” she said. “Medically applied UVB for skin disorders already exists with great success. It is transformative in the least and can assist a person in any circumstance, any age, any challenge, whether used as a supportive therapy in any health crisis or simply as an adjunct to our personal efforts of immune system health. In this time of Covid, keeping our Vitamin D levels high and our stress levels low is a very real start to wellness. The Blu Room at The Living Blu is amazing in that regard.”

You can find amazing case studies and testimonials on a variety of health issues at The phone number is 541-295-8034. You can also see them on Facebook.